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1. Freedom Scientific Releases Update to Openbook 9, Offering Support for 3 Video Magnifiers and Improved OCR
2. Freedom Scientific Holds Patents for Form Labels, Listviews, Excel Custom Summaries, and More
3. The 25 Most Popular Websites for the Blind and Visually Impaired, Part 1
4. Webvisum CAPTCHA Solver returns to Firefox
5. How to Get JAWS, OpenBook, and MAGic for $200 Total at #NFB15
6. Review of TeleTender: Accessing the Internet Using a Phone for Free
7. #csun10: Freedom Scientific Announces the Pearl Portable Reading Solution
8. #csun11: APH Releases Talking PC Maps Based on Sendero Maps
9. Freedom Scientific offers home licences for Jaws, ZoomText, and Fusion through June 2020; Dolphin Follows Suit
10. #CSUNATC19 Sponsored Audio: APH Is Bringing The Community Together To Impact The World At Large
11. TalkBack 6.1 Beta Adds Quick Language Switching, Enhanced Navigation in Native Apps
12. GE and Alexa Work Together to Create a Voice-Controlled Microwave with Scan to Cook Technology
13. Breaking: Baum's Assets Potentially in New Hands in Germany; May Restart Operations
14. Sendero's GPS Apps Updated with Indoor Beacon, Uber Support in Version 3.0
15. Hims QBraille XL is an Intriguing Mashup of Braille Display and Computing Features
16. Updated: Voice Sense 1.1 Firmware Released
17. The End All of Games Lists
18. First Ever New York Public Library Assistive Technology Conference Seeking Presentation Proposals
19. #CSUNATC20 Audio: Practical Design Powers Blindspot Consulting's Accessible Photo Booth
20. #CSUNATC2022 Sponsored Audio: APH Is On A Quest For “The Holy Braille”
21. Blind Treasures Relaunches Website
22. A Hero's Call Version 1.3 released
23. #CSUNATC19 Audio: Learning Core Skills Through Gaming And Objective Ed
24. Freedom Scientific Sues Enhanced Vision for Trademark Infringement, We've Got the Full Complaint
25. Tissot Silen-T Vibrating Watch for $305.00 shipped
26. Blind Bargains Qast 87: The Year In AT 2016: Part 1
27. Announcing the Blind Bargains Amazon Store
28. #CSUNATC19 Audio: Feel Books And More With Feelif
29. Blind Bargains Virtual Exhibit Hall Audio: Brailliant BI X Marks The Spot For Humanware
30. Blind Bargains Qast 60: The Final Bar Code
31. 5-lb. Bag of Haribo Gummi Bears for $9.84 [Shipped]
32. #CSUNATC18 Audio: Altix Takes Us Around the World with a Talking Globe
33. Cisco Academy for the Visually Impaired Announces Summer Courses, Taking Registrations
34. Buy Etizolam Online In The US - Legal Etizolam For Sale
35. Blind Bargains Top 11 Stories of 2009: 10. Accessible Event
36. #CSUNATC19 Audio: Taking Your Tablet To New Places With Patriot Vision
37. Live on the Edge, or have an Ultra Lifestyle? An In-depth review of HIMS and Baum Braille Displays
38. #ACB18 Audio: Fearless Adventures In Art And Jewelry For Neat Artist Studio
39. #ACB18 Audio: Local Transcription For Any Locale Thanks To The Midwestern Braille Volunteers
40. #CSUNATC22 Audio: Developing With A Braille First Design For The HIMS Braille Sense 6 Mini
41. Sandisk 4GB SDHC Secure Digital Card for $21.30 shipped
42. #ATIA15 Audio: Introducing the Smart Beetle Braille Display and the Blaze ET from Hims
43. #CSUNATC20 Audio: Harpo Updates Some Nostalgic Braille Products For A Modern Age
44. ATIA: New K-NFB Reader Mobile Leaked
45. KNFBReader Mobile now officially supported on the Nokia N86
46. #ATIA19 Audio: Aces Are Hight For The Acesight And Zoomax
47. Electronic Drum Kit Shirt for $29.99
48. Microsoft Office 2007 Ultimate for Students for $59.95
49. Aroccom Waterproof Wireless Bluetooth Speaker for $28.99 [Shipped]
50. 40 Two Rivers Mega Coffee K-Cups for $15.95 [Shipped via Prime]

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