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1. Webvisum CAPTCHA Solver returns to Firefox
2. Freedom Scientific Releases Update to Openbook 9, Offering Support for 3 Video Magnifiers and Improved OCR
3. Buy Etizolam Online In The US - Legal Etizolam For Sale
4. #CSUNATC2022 Sponsored Audio: APH Is On A Quest For “The Holy Braille”
5. Review of TeleTender: Accessing the Internet Using a Phone for Free
6. Every Day Carry Heavy Duty XL Mountaineer Backpack for $27.99 [Shipped]
7. The 25 Most Popular Websites for the Blind and Visually Impaired, Part 1
8. Free Audible DVS movies from the Blind Mice Movie Vault
9. #NFB18 Audio: The Next Generation Of Travel Tools Are On Display With RuffWear
10. 6 Sticks of Old Spice Deodorant High Endurance for $10.12 Shipped
11. #CSUNATC19 Sponsored Audio: APH Is Bringing The Community Together To Impact The World At Large
12. Buy 3, get 30 percent off Household Essentials at Amazon
13. Accessible St. Paddy's Day Game Book for $20
14. 4-Pack AXE Men's Body Wash 16-oz. Bottles for $10.45 [Shipped]
15. City Lights App Will Alert you of Upcoming Traffic Lights
16. refurbished Logitech Bluetooth, Slim Keyboard and Stand Combo for Apple iPad for $29.99 [Shipped]
17. ATIA: Audio Wrapup
18. Asus Desktop PC with 512GB SSD for $829.99 [Shipped]
19. Cyber-Blue Bluetooth Wireless Headset for $17.99
20. #CSUNATC19 Audio: The San Francisco Lighthouse Blazing New Paths for Tactile Maps
21. Under Armour Men's Tactical ColdGear Infrared Gloves for $19.99 [Shipped]
22. Refurbished, Unlocked Apple iPhone 6 16GB GSM Smartphone for $134.99 [Shipped]
23. NVDA's first 2017 Release Features Kindle, Edge, and Office Changes
24. Brandon Sanderson's Steelheart The Reckoners Book 1 Kindle eBook for $1.99
25. List of YouTube Videos on Blindness
26. New Federal Regulations To Increase Access To Airline transportation for People With Disabilities
27. #atia11: Benetech Announces Accessible e-Book Reader for Apple iOS devices
28. Sydney Is Working On Introducing Braille Street Signs
29. Men's, Women's and Kids' Outerwear, Sweaters and Accessories On Sale at Amazon
30. $100 CVS Gift Card for $90 [Shipped]
31. #CSUNATC19 Audio: A Transformative Experience For Kiosk Access With AudioEye
32. Ohio State Survey Examines Race Perceptions of Blind People
33. Aroccom Waterproof Wireless Bluetooth Speaker for $28.99 [Shipped]
34. A Mock Election: We Tested 3 Modern Voting Machines for Accessibility
35. Brandon Sanderson's Firefight The Reckoners Book 2 Kindle eBook for $1.99
36. Digging Up The Dirt On News We May Have Missed
37. iEGrow Wireless Doorbell for $9.50 [Shipped via Prime]
38. Acer Predator PC for $699 [Shipped]
39. ATIA: New K-NFB Reader Mobile Leaked
40. Get 15% Off Your Order Total Through July 5th When You Buy From AI Squared
41. Up to 60 Percent Off Kitchen Essentials at eBay
42. #CSUNATC17 Audio: Ambutech Gets Creative with Cane Tips and Accessories
43. Braille Books on Ebay for under $10
44. Refurbished Apple iMac 27 Inch Desktop for $1,499.99 [Shipped]
45. A Series of Free Tutorials is now Available for a Free Screen Reader
46. Philips Bluetooth Noise-Canceling Headphones for $39 [Shipped]
47. Humanware Announces Prodigi, A New Line of Magnifiers
48. $50 iTunes Gift Card for $42.50
49. Honeywell QuietCare Cool Humidifier for $49.99 [Shipped]
50. Seagate 4TB Expansion USB 3.0 External Hard Drive for $125 [Shipped]

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