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New Aira for Android version brings improvements and bug fixes

Aira has released a new version of their Android app, bringing new bug fixes and improvements. Read on to find out what's new in the update.

New aira news and monthly Aira agent Promos

Starting this month, users will receive a random promo each month on a topic voted on by Aira agents. Read on to find out more about the first promo and how to find out about new monthly promos.

You can Listen to the Presidential Inauguration Events with Audio Description

The presidential inauguration ceremony and related events will be offered with audio description and other accessibility accommodations. Events start today at approximately 11:30 AM, with streaming links available from this page.

Blind Bargains Qast 219: The 2020 Blind Bargains Holiday Shopping Guide

Welcome to our 6th annual Blind Bargains Holiday Shopping Guide. Once again, we've brought the deals straight to your audio feed. Sit back and relax as some of your favorite merchants, or perhaps some that are new to you, tell you about their latest products and services as well as some holiday deals. We'd like to sincerely thank all of the companies who were apart of this show. Below you'll find information about each company in the order they appear in the show.
We hope you have a socially-distanced, safe and fulfilling Thanksgiving weekend.

Blue Apron accessibility review

Recently, I have started using Blue Apron, a meal kit service which aims to help people get more experience cooking. Each week, a box of ingredients arrives, and we use the recipes found in the app to create new and exciting meals. Read more about the process below.

BBQ In Review: September, more like FOMOmber

BBQ In Review is our ongoing series of posts that attempts to capture some of the news that falls outside of our podcasts. Think of it as a raw feed of information which undergoes a miniaturization process for what topics that best suit our podcast format. In the past we have left the stories that did not make the cut part of Joe s endless scroll of tweets. But to save time, sanity and Doomscrolling social media for those who wish to avoid that kind of thing, welcome aboard and enjoy the pile of stuff below. Hopefully the reading of these articles will lessen the feeling of FOMO, Fear Of Missing Out, on all the new hardware coming to stores this holiday season.

Blind Bargains Qast 213: Since We've Been Gone

It finally happened! Enough stuff has transpired for us to do a proper old school news filled episode. Or as we now call it during the After Times , a retro inspired BBQ show. Join J.J., Joe and Patrick as they learn how to do a thing again that they have spent 10 years already doing prior to the release of this particular audio program. Breaking news talk of Audio Description, a tip, a bunch of Sound Off and the return of the Last Word will give you that nostalgic feeling for sure!

BBQ In Review: A pile of interviews to smooth things over until our next podcast

The ACB And NFB National Conventions are in the books and the BBQ Crew begins their travel plans from the kitchen to the Broadcast Studio? This week we learned that CSUNATC21 Joins ATIA21 In their move to a virtual convention and Exhibit Hall. We are fascinated to learn more about how the largest U.S. A.T. conferences will navigate the realms of accessible learning platforms, after all that s been the focus of many a conference session for years, but until then we offer a glimpse into our previous 2020 convention coverage in the handy lists below.

Breaking: AIRA Scales Back its Free Five Minute Call Offer

Calling the current system unsustainable, AIRA is modifying the terms of its free five minute call offer starting next week.

Blind Bargains Qast 209: The 4 Day Week

usually our first "In Studio" episode after convention coverage is the traditional wrap up show where we dissect and discuss a particular event 20 minutes longer than we really should. But, as you already know, these are strange times and we find ourselves amongst the BBQ Crew reflecting on life after CSUN instead of our normal post con conversation. J.J. and Shelly talk about their return travel adventures while Joe remarks what it was like to watch the goings on from home. We do talk some tech this week, however, it is scattered throughout the run time of the show in between tips and musings about what has to be considered for future gatherings within the Blind and Low Vision communities. Sound Off and the Last Word find their way in towards the end of the program. So, we did not deviate too far from the norm. Or at least our version of that.

Aira updates policies after Corona Virus outbreak

Due to the recent physical isolation orders across various countries, Aira has detailed its new policies in the wake of COVID-19.

#CSUNATC20 Audio: A Hallside Chat With Troy Otillio Of AIRA

The team at AIRA started off 2020 with the recent news surrounding a change in ownership and the sunsetting of the Horizon product. J.J. caught up with Troy Otillio, CEO of AIRA, outside the Exhibit Hall floor to discuss several topics regarding the service. Listen in, or read the transcript below, as the pair talk about the future of AIRA and answer some of the questions sent into us by our Twitter followers. To stay up to date with the goings on at AIRA, or to sign up for the service, visit the company's website

CSUN 2020 coverage is Brought to you by AFB AccessWorld.

For the latest news and accessibility information on mainstream and access technology, Apple, Google, Microsoft, and Amazon offerings, access technology book reviews, and mobile apps, and how they can enhance entertainment, education and employment, log on to AccessWorld, the American Foundation for the Blind's free, monthly, online technology magazine. Visit

Aira drops support for Horizon glasses, looks for new solutions.

As of April 1 2020, Aira will be dropping support for the Horizon glasses.

Blind Bargains Qast 207: Some Video Desktop Access

This is going to sound weird, but its our first news show of 2020. And wow do we have some news to talk about. So much news that we needed Scott Davert to sit in with us. He also hangs out with us while we go over the biggest stories that came from our ATIA 2020 coverage last month. Get ready for tech, talk and even a baseball story towards the end.

Hindsight Is #CSUNATC20: Or, How The Top Stories Of The Past Can Shape The Future

Long time readers, and listeners of the podcast, know that the staff are now deep in the process of planning out our event and convention coverage for the year. CSUN, Google i/o, WWDC and the summer Blindness conventions are some of the annual happenings that capture our attention as we follow the yearly migratory pattern of possible A.T. related topics on their unpredictable flight plans. While a Farmer s Almanac for tech would help, we do consult our articles and interviews from the past to help us guess what might make good content during these planning stages.

Breaking: Aira Tech Corp Acquired by Southern California Investment Group

A majority stake of Aira Tech Corp has been acquired by the Blue Diego Investment Group in a deal announced Friday. Terms of the deal between the two privately-held companies were not disclosed.

The Year In A.T. 2019: Mainstream Mayhem

The holiday season brings along gifts, good tidings and of course awards shows. Before we phase out the year that was, and observe the tradition of the MoonPie dropping over Mobile As we do every December, we collected the highlights of the year s Blindness and Low Vision Assistive Technology news and pressed it into a giant scrapbook. BBQ Crew members J.J., Joe, Shelly Brisbin, Scott Davert And Lisa Salinger have some thoughts about what transpired in 2019. And they were silly enough to make wild guesses about what 2020 may hold as well. Check out the show notes for BBQ 204 to read more about what news made our list of emerging trends and big stories.

Blind Bargains Qast 204: The Year In A.T. 2019

The long road trip with no bathroom breaks that was 2019 has reached its destination in the form of our annual wrap up show. This year s panel included J.J., Joe, Shelly Brisbin, Scott Davert and Rookie of the Year Lisa Salinger. Read on, and tune into the podcast, to discover what trends and stories the group found to have the biggest impact on the year. Also, if you want a good laugh, see how right or wrong we were with our 2018 predictions

The Year In A.T. 2019: The Definition Of OCR Changed To Our Cameras Recording

The holiday season brings along gifts, good tidings and of course awards shows. Before we phase out the year that was, and observe the tradition of the MoonPie dropping over Mobile As we do every December, we collected the highlights of the year s Blindness and Low Vision Assistive Technology news and pressed it into a giant scrapbook. BBQ Crew members J.J., Joe, Shelly Brisbin, Scott Davert And Lisa Salinger have some thoughts about what transpired in 2019? And they were silly enough to make wild guesses about what 2020 may hold as well. Check out the show notes for BBQ 204 to read more about what news made our list of emerging trends and big stories.

Blind Bargains Qast 203: Whamageddon Is The Most Wonderful Time Of The Year

A holiday stocking crammed full of news, a lively discussion on audio description options and a browser tip to aid you on your post shopping surfing successes. And most of all, in the Last Word, a continuing tradition helps us end our final regular show of 2019 on a high note. Grab that hot cocoa and fire up that Yule Log channel on Netflix before you settle down for a long winter s nap with episode 203.

Choose the perfect gift, find the best food, or get help finding the perfect holiday decorations with Aira

Shopping this holiday season just got even easier, thanks to Aira.
From now until January 10th, customers calling Aira for assistance with any shopping task, in stores or online, can get up to 30 minutes per task free.

Purchase AIRA Minutes and Credits for Yourself or someone else this holiday season with Aira

From now until January 3, Aira credit can now be purchased for yourself or someone else.

Blind Bargains Qast 200: Flash Boardon And The Mandalorian

Many things have changed since our first show Five years ago. This week is proof of that as Joe has a new profession He has embarked on; Patrick has a new ongoing feature for the BBQ and J.J. has some amazing news about a new Braille Display coming to A.T. Guys. Travel, animals and an acknowledgement of what came before rounds out this 200th, of the numbered shows, installment of the Blind Bargains Qast.

Blind Bargains Qast 194: UberWoof Neo

This show comes to you a little later than usual because, to J.J.'s chagrin, we wanted to cover the Microsoft Surface event. Was it worth the wait or was joe wrong in thinking there was news to talk about? Well, Joe was wrong about something as you will see in "Sound Off". but the BBQ Crew was right about the future of pet transport as can be seen in the "Last Word". Catch a train while you wonder if we can get an episode recorded before J.J.'s groceries can arrive in episode 194.

Blind Bargains Qast 189: Cracked And Sliced

The BBQ Crew returns with news, an interview and that gut-wrenching "Last Word" just like the good 'ol' days of yore. In other words, we've run out of summer convention coverage and now it is back to work. Tune in to hear Greg Stilson speak about the free AIRA plan and we think this week's tip will help you live your life online to the max. Fire up the grill and BBQ with BBQ 189.

Blind Bargains Qast 188: Use The Stylus

You could probably tell that we have been enjoying our summer break a little too well with this being a convention wrap up show in August instead of July. You may even detect a little podcast rust coming off J.J., Joe and Lisa Salinger during this recording. And you might even think that you have heard all we had to say about the NFB and ACB conventions from the coverage we have already uploaded. Yet, believe it or not, this isn't a typical rundown of our earlier interview s kind of episode. Tune in to hear stories and information not covered from the exhibit hall floors in this "better late than never" convention wrap up show.

Breaking: AIRA now free for calls of Five Minutes or Less

AIRA has announced that calls of five minutes or less on its service will now be free.

#Sponsored Blind Bargains Convention Coverage: AIRA with Big Deals, Big Presence at #NFB19 and #ACB19

If you are going to be at the ACB or NFB conventions this week, it will be hard to miss the presence of AIRA. From free AIRA access at the convention sites and the Rochester and Las Vegas airports, to a couple of huge parties, AIRA has a lot going on. Check out this podcast with AIRA's Greg Stilson to learn about AIRA's convention specials, some interesting sessions and presentations, and yes those parties. Get the Aira app and learn more by going to Aira.IO and stay tuned for a big announcement from AIRA coming later this week at conventions.

Blind Bargains Qast 187: A.T. Summer Showcase 2019

The packing of suitcases and shipping of boxes has begun. We're gearing up for interviews and the A. T. Guys booth in Vegas. And this week we'll let you in on some new things we'll have on hand and on the We also have a great interview with Brad Folkens of CloudSight, a peek at Shelly's new Apple related documentary plus Joe and Ricky have some recently acquired accessories to tell you about. Download this one, and set your devices to Airplane Mode, because you won't want to miss a moment of BBQ 187.

Blind Bargains Qast 186: Accessibility Champions

Joe is joined by longtime friend, and fellow podcaster, Jamie Pauls this week as J.J. is on the road. However, J.J. did have a chance to interview Intuit's Ted Drake about some of the processes and programs happening at the company to forward accessibility efforts for their internal culture and customers alike. A tip, "Sound Off" plus a musical topic smash into the "Last Word". Grab your spreadsheets for it is time for BBQ 186.

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