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Audio Sczweck on Tech: The Accessibility of Smart Watches

Welcome to Sczweck on Tech, a new podcast featuring the latest and greatest in assistive technology. In this episode, Dale Sczweck discusses the accessibility of smart watches including the Pebble and the Samsung Galaxy Gear. His findings, especially for low vision users, may surprise you. Dale Sczweck is an assistive technology trainer from Illinois. Reach out to Dale, on Twitter at @betteroffdale.

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Pebble Smartwatch (Classic) for iPhone and Android Devices - Jet Black (Certified Refurbished)

$27.99 from Wireless Cloud via
The Pebble Smartwatch connects to your iOS or Android smartphone via Bluetooth so you get the information you need exactly when you need it. Designed to make your life easier, Pebble provides personalized notifications and downloadable apps to keep you in the loop when you're on the go. You can also customize with watchfaces and apps to suit your personal style and interests. It features a long-lasting battery, user-friendly operation, and a screen that's readable even in bright daylight or underwater. Pebble comes with a USB charging cable and Quick Start Guide. Pebble does more than just tell the time. It displays email, SMS, Caller ID and other notifications from your favorite apps right on your wrist, allowing you to leave your phone in your pocket while you're in meetings, social engagements or on the go. Pebble alerts you with a silent vibration to incoming calls, meeting reminders, and notifications from apps like Facebook and Twitter and organizes it all: Pebble's Timeline interface arranges all your daily events, reminders and notifications in an easy-to-read chronological view. And because of its long-lasting battery life, Pebble blends in to your day to day activities without slowing you down while you're running, cycling, or just going about your busy schedule. Pebble has a straightforward, wearable design that lets you get the information you need in just one glance. The e-Paper display is easy to read even in direct sunlight so you can always see what's going on inside or out. Lightweight and comfortable to wear, Pebble won't weigh you down when you're on the move. Its 5 ATM salt or fresh water rating means you'll still be accessible if caught in a downpour or swimming, and the scratch-resistant display can take some hard knocks while keeping its good looks. The battery conveniently lasts five to seven days on a single charge. Category: Wireless Phone Accessory.

Pebble Time Steel Smartwatch for Apple/Android Devices - Silver

$109.95 from New England Industrial via
"Pebble time steel keeps you connected to the things that matter most, and look great doing it. Its unparalleled battery lasts up to 10 days between charges, and its bright always-on display never keeps you waiting. Pebble's new timeline interface respects that busy people want to Get things done. Includes Pebble health, a Built-in activity and sleep tracker with daily reports and Weekly insights. With a new color e-paper screen and a thin, comfortable ergonomic design, the Pebble time steel smartwatch is the companion you'll want with you every moment, every day. Made of marine grade stainless steel chassis and bezel, pvd Coated in matte with polished detailing, Plus tough, 2.5D glass display - time steel is the best looking Pebble we've ever made! includes: USB Magnetic charging cable 2mm Leather band. Both the Pebble Time and Pebble Time Steel are water resistant up to 3ATM, according to the ISO 22810 standard. This means that Pebble Time is able to stay on your wrist as long as you don't go deeper than 30 meters under water. So feel free to wear your Pebble Time in the shower, in the rain, while doing dishes, or while fishing, swimming, snorkeling etc. Just keep it above 30 meters and please also be aware that Pebble Time is only water-resistant as long as the seal remains in tact. For that reason, please do not press the buttons while Pebble is submerged. If you do take Pebble Time with you in saltwater, please be sure to give it a rinse with fresh water shortly afterward. This will help prevent the salt from damaging the finish of your smartwatch or salt crystals from drying in button crevices and making them sticky or immobile. With consideration to heat, Pebble Time has been tested to work within the temperature range of -10°C to 60°C (14°F to 140°F). Please be sure to remove your Pebble Time before participating in activities that would expose Pebble to temperatures outside of that range, such as saunas or steam rooms." Category: Wireless Phone Accessory.

Reson® Pebble Blue Front Outer Screen Lens Glass Replacement kit for Samsung Galaxy S3 I9300 I747 T999 I535 +Tools Kit+dry/wet/dust Cleaning Paper+adhesive Sticker Tape Blue

$7.99 from RESON USA via
Reson Glass Replacement for S3 i9300 Features:
This item is compatible with Samsung galaxy SIII S3 i9300, SGH-i747(AT&T), T999(T-Mobile), L710(Sprint), I535(Verizon), R530 (US.cellular), Cricket, C Spire
100% brand new and high quality replacement outer glass screen
Repair/replacing old, broken, cracked, damaged outer screen glass.
Each item is tested before shipping and are 100% working
Color:Blue Package Includes:
Reson glass replacement kit for S3 i9300
1 x Set tools
1 x Adhesive
1 x Dry/wet cleaning paper
1 x Dust cleaning paper
1 x Strong Box Category: Electronics.

Pebble E-Paper Smartwatch Screen Protector, Skinomi TechSkin (6-Pack) Full Coverage Screen Protector for Pebble E-Paper Smartwatch Clear HD Anti-Bubble Film

$6.95 from Skinomi via
Protect your InvestmentDaily use of your mobile device can cause unsightly scratches, dents, and other unwanted damage. Within a few months, the screen will be difficult to read; the device will decrease in resale value and be embarrassing to show other people. Lower-quality disposable screen protectors seem like a temporary solution for keeping your device looking brand new; though they need constant replacements.The Only Screen Protector You'll NeedWith this problem in mind the founders of Skinomi® set out to create a screen protector that's tough, reliable, and long-lasting. Their solution was the Skinomi® TechSkin.Made of a thermoplastic urethane film that is designed to resist abrasion, the TechSkin Pebble E-Paper Smartwatch Screen Protector provides impact absorbing military-grade protection for your device. The screen protector is UV resistant, HD Clear, and goes on invisible. A smooth texture and feel makes it easy to navigate your device as if there was nothing applied. The flexible high-grade film is formulated to be "self-healing" which makes it able to stretch, absorb, and even repair scratches and impact damage.Lifetime GuaranteeWe're so confident that you'll love the TechSkin, that every Screen Protector comes with a 100% Risk-Free Lifetime Replacement Warranty. If the TechSkin wears off, we will replace it. No Questions Asked!The installation process is easy, error-proof, and bubble-free. Protect your prized possessions and never worry about having to replace that old, scratched up screen protector again.Key FeaturesSkinomi® Kit Includes:
Skinomi® TechSkin Screen Protector
High Grade Lint-Free Microfiber Cloth
Installation Solution100% Risk-Free Lifetime WarrantyMade in the USASkinomi® TechSkin Screen Protector for Pebble E-Paper Smartwatch Category: Wireless Phone Accessory.

Andrex Natural Pebble Toilet Tissue Rolls - 240 Sheets per Roll (4)

$13.21 from Jo Masters UK via
Andrex Natural Pebble Toilet Tissue Rolls - 240 Sheets per Roll (4) Category: Misc..

Pebble 2 se

$55.97 from World Class Sales LLC via
The Pebble connects to your iPhone® or Android smartphone using Bluetooth, and can alert you to incoming calls, e-mails and messages. Add Internet-connected apps for outdoor activities, download watchfaces, enable notifications and more. The Pebble's e-paper outdoor-readable display ensures a great view wherever you go. Category: Wireless Phone Accessory.

Skinomi TechSkin - Pebble E-Paper Smartwatch Screen Protector + Dark Wood Full Body Skin / Front & Back Premium HD Clear Film / Ultra Invisible and Anti Bubble Shield

$12.99 from Skinomi via
About the Natural Wood SeriesThe Skinomi® Natural Wood Series Protector Film uses the latest break-through in mobile protection to provide a lightweight, protective barrier against damage to your device. At just .1 millimeter in thickness, the protective skin was engineered to withstand scratches, nicks and scrapes, without adding unnecessary bulk. Featuring a classy, professional, and nature-inspired look that not only looks natural but is texturally identical to actual refinished Pine or Cherry wood, the Film goes through a rigorous manufacturing process to provide accurate fitment and to allow full access to every function your the device.InstallationInstalling the Skinomi® Natural Wood Series Protector Film is easy and does not require liquid solution. The adhesive-side of the skin is specially engineered with a grid-like pattern that allows air bubbles to escape during installation. This grid helps the skin adhere completely to the device by extracting gaps and pockets of air, which in turn prevents unsightly peeling.Key FeaturesEasy installation - Natural Wood Film does not require liquid or solution
Durability - Grade-A materials and unique adhesive properties create a longer lasting protective solution
Design - Precision manufacturing preserves your device's original design and does not affect its functions
Added Bonus - Original TechSkin Screen Protector
Made in the USASkinomi® Kit Includes:Skinomi® Natural Wood Series Protector Film
Skinomi® TechSkin Screen Protector
Installation Solution for Screen Protector
Lifetime Warranty*The Skinomi Natural Wood Series Protector Film is a high-quality protective film and not a case. Category: Watch.

Pebble E-Paper Smart Watch for iPhone and Android Devices (Orange)

$49.99 from ElectroGems via
E-Paper Watch for iPhone and Android Category: Wireless Phone Accessory.

Pebble Time Smartwatch - Black

$50.00 from Electronics Club via
Past, present and future-at your fingertips. Pebble Time’s new timeline interface respects that busy people want to get. Things. Done. Pebble time lets you act now, reflect on the past, and look into the future - and do it all for up to 7 days on a single charge. Includes Pebble Health, a built-in activity and sleep tracker with daily reports and weekly insights.

With a new color e-paper screen that's always on and always visible (even in bright daylight), and a thin, comfortable ergonomic design, it's easy to wear all the time. The Pebble Time smartwatch is the companion you’ll want with you every moment, every day. Includes: ●USB charging cable ●22mm silicone strap.
Category: Wireless Phone Accessory.

Klear Cut [6 Pack] – Screen Protector for Pebble E-Paper SmartWatch – Lifetime Replacement Warranty - Anti-Bubble & Anti-Fingerprint High Definition (HD) Clear Premium PET Cover – Retail Packaging

$1.99 from KlearCut via
Klear Cut Ultra Clear HD Screen Protectors for Pebble E-Paper SmartWatch Klear Cut Ultra Clear HD screen protectors are designed from a unique PET film that is developed to feature a multi-layer surface that keeps your device scratch-free, reduces fingerprints, and maintains your screen fully responsive; ensuring that your device is protected without any features being sacrificed.Offering up to 99.9% True HD clarity, Klear Cut screen protectors feature a layer of protective hard-coating film that is designed to resist scratches, scrapes and prevent dust as well as dirt from forming on your screen. The unique silicone adhesive layer provides secure adhesion while also preventing bubbles from forming underneath the protector and will not leave any residue when removed. Each Klear Cut screen is accurately designed to perfectly align and fit your device. Featuring "Exact Real-Touch" technology, each Klear Cut Pebble E-Paper SmartWatch screen protector is designed to NOT interfere with screen sensitivity allowing your device's screen to remain fully responsive. Klear Cut Ultra Clear HD Screen Protectors also feature:Easy installation thanks to an Anti-Bubble silicone adhesive layer"Exact Real-Touch" Technology keeps your device fully responsiveScreen remains smooth thanks to an Ultra Clear coating that also features Anti-Fingerprint technologyA scratch resistant layer helps maintain your screen protected against scratchesKlear Cut Lifetime WarrantyWe are 100% behind our products and committed to providing a quality service. All of our Klear Cut screen protectors are backed by a hassle-free lifetime replacement warranty program. If your Klear Cut protector wears off or gets damaged in any way, we will replace it. Category: Wireless Phone Accessory.
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