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The I.D. Mate Is Being Discontinued

It's the end of the line for the I.D. Mate bar code scanners. The email message below was sent out to I.D. Mate customers subscribed to an EnVision America list on January 15th.

Humanware introduces new line of Brailliant BI ex Braille displays

Humanware has refreshed their lineup of braille displays, with two models which are much more feature-rich. Read on to find out all about the new Brailliant BI 20X and 40X series displays.

Survey from Microsoft accessibility team seeks to understand the voices you use with your screen reader

In an effort to understand how screen reader users choose different voices, the Microsoft accessibility team has released a survey. The survey asks questions about how and why users choose a voice, if different voices are used for different tasks, your level of experience with a screen reader, and more. This is a very comprehensive survey, with both selective response and short answer components, that thoroughly investigates the preferences of screen reader users.

Take the survey here

It's Back! Accessible Apps releases Chicken Nugget version 4.71, bringing AI image descriptions, new sounds, and More

Accessible Apps has released Chicken Nugget version 4.71, bringing AI image descriptions, new sounds, keyboard discovery mode, more
Popular Twitter client Chicken Nugget recently received a major update, bringing improved image descriptions, new sounds, and other improvements. Read on for an in-depth look at what's new, and information about how to use the latest features.

You can Listen to the Presidential Inauguration Events with Audio Description

The presidential inauguration ceremony and related events will be offered with audio description and other accessibility accommodations. Events start today at approximately 11:30 AM, with streaming links available from this page.

Popular iOS game Timecrest gets sequel in free update

Timecrest a popular iOS game has a long-awaited sequel. Find out more about Ash and get a richer understanding of Alensia in this sequel game 4 years inthe making.

Blue Apron accessibility review

Recently, I have started using Blue Apron, a meal kit service which aims to help people get more experience cooking. Each week, a box of ingredients arrives, and we use the recipes found in the app to create new and exciting meals. Read more about the process below.

Let's Go Shopping Holiday Addition, is Tuesday and Wednesday

Let's Go Shopping started as an event to help shoppers and business owners connect during Covid-19. And, the biggest event yet is scheduled for this week, full of holiday deals.


6.6 Foot USB Type C to Type C Cables for $3 with Free Shipping

Monoprice has the Monoprice Essentials USB Type-C to Type-C 3.1 Gen 1 Cable for $3. Shipping is free. USB Type C is used on many modern laptops and Android devices. Note this particular cable has a Type C plug on both ends. The cable length is 6.6feet.

Sennheiser AMBEO Smart 3D Sound Recording Headset for $99.99 & Free Shipping

alwayz-on-sale via Amazon has the Sennheiser AMBEO Smart Headset for $99.99. This wired headset, which allows you to record in 3D audio and works with iOS, originally sold for nearly $300.
Joe reviewed this pair earlier this summer, where you can hear the types of recordings that are possible.

New Customers: Up to $28 off Snacks and Convenience Items from goPuff

New customers can get up to $28 off their first 4 orders ($7 per order) from goPuff by using this referral link.


Blind Bargains Qast 221: The Other Oppisitte Of That

This is kind of funny. Our last show, episode 220 from December, was in 2020. And now BBQ 221 starts off 2021. Okay, it was funnier when we said it out loud during this show than in print. It s a good thing we have a couple of demonstrations of a new speaker and the Chromecast with Google TV to fall back on instead of us relying on calendar-based humor. There is even an actual honest to goodness real news section for the show this go around. Plus, there is a bit of Sound Off and we ignore all food based New Year s Resolutions in the Last Word . So, charge up those Bluetooth remotes and join us for a new installment of the BB Qast.

Blind Bargains Qast 220: Born Accessible

Behold, our 800th piece of audio content on the site. We originally planned this outlandish over the top celebration thingy, but 2020 being what it is, we have opted out of that and we shall just strike our best couch potato poses while binging out on some audio described content instead. Good thing John Sweet and Petr Kucheryavyy, Senior Managers of Accessibility at Charter Communications, are on hand this episode to tell us how we can start our A.D. feast with the free Spectrum Access app. Tune in to hear about the app, the Born Accessible approach the team is taking towards their services and hear demos of Spectrum Access and Spectrum News.

Blind Bargains Qast 219: The 2020 Blind Bargains Holiday Shopping Guide

Welcome to our 6th annual Blind Bargains Holiday Shopping Guide. Once again, we've brought the deals straight to your audio feed. Sit back and relax as some of your favorite merchants, or perhaps some that are new to you, tell you about their latest products and services as well as some holiday deals. We'd like to sincerely thank all of the companies who were apart of this show. Below you'll find information about each company in the order they appear in the show.
We hope you have a socially-distanced, safe and fulfilling Thanksgiving weekend.

Blind Bargains Qast 218: Socially Distanced Kitchen

It's been awhile since we did a full-on cooking show, and many of our regulars have acquired a growing amount of cooking gadgets and essentials. So we decided to do our biggest cooking show yet, with Shelly Brisbin, Ricky Enger, J.J., and the podcast debut of regular contributor Tangela Mahaffey.

Blind Bargains Qast 217: Buttery Smooth Bingo Cards

In order to be more environmentally friendly, we at the BBQ decided to combine our October and November Apple event wrap up shows. It is the podcasting equivalent of removing the charger plug from the box. Okay, seriously, we changed things up a bit and invited Greg Stilson on to talk about the new Macs and iPhones. Greg has launched a few products over the years, and we thought he could speak at longer length about what it takes to do that than J.J. and Joe could. Plus, he brings along the bonus of saying a bunch of new stuff that you have not heard from us on the many hours of wrap up shows we have done in the past. And to borrow an Apple turn of phrase, we think you re going to love it .

Blind Bargains Qast 216: Nura Cats From Beyond The Vale

October is a time for ghouls, ghosts, and game demos. Yep, keeping with a long-standing tradition that happened somewhat organically without us realizing it, we give you another reason to break out the earbuds in order for you to experience life beyond The Vale . And speaking of new experiences, Ricky dropped by the office of beeping and talking to discuss the Nuraloop earbuds with Joe. Lastly, but technically in the middle of the show, we hear from the new voice of the Amazon Echo. Listen in to hear the first ever F bomb hiding somewhere within the minutes of BBQ 216.

Blind Bargains Qast 215: Tiny Pilot Seals

Summertime is the perfect season for going to the beach, camping, and of course buying computers. Okay, that last one is more geared towards the tech sector who aren t necessarily going to readily engage in the first two activities mentioned. Join Patrick, Joe and first timer Alex Hall As they discuss how each one of them navigated the computer buying process. Listen in as the trio breakdown what access issues they encountered and what tips they recommend for those about to consider the addition of their own shiny new laptop or desktop.

Blind Bargains Qast 214: Touch The Power Button... For Science!

The ninth month on the calendar brings along Pumpkin Spice and another Apple event. Refreshingly the event focused on things that were not the iPhone For a change. Somehow, despite 2020 being well 2020, the event was full of interesting news. Join the BBQ Crew as J.J., Joe and Shelly Brisbin Break down the staggering number of iPads and Apple Watch editions in this mandated by Tech Podcast Law required Apple event wrap up show.


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Like new Da Vinci HD magnifier with OCR

Scans text documents, magnifies on to twenty one inch monitor and speaks content.

Sonos Play 3 and Sonos Amp for Sale

I have a Sonos Play 3 that is about 3 years old. It is in great working and cosmetic condition. I am asking $125 which includes shipping. I also have a Sonos Amp for sale. It is about one year old and is also in great working and cosmetic condition. I am asking $425 which includes shipping.

Braillenote Touch Plus 32 - $2250

I have a Brailleote touch Plus 32 that was purchased in January 2020. It was upgraded at that time. It is in great working order and has been used very little. It was purchased as a demo unit for our business but just isn’t demoed. If you have any questions, please let me know. I am asking $2250 which includes shipping.

QBraille XL in Excellent Condition for $1,200 or Best Offer

I am selling a QBraille XL in excellent condition for $1,200 or best offer. Shipping to any location inside the United States is an additional $10. Shipping to other countries will be discussed on a case-by-case basis. The 2-year warranty expired recently. I sent it in for servicing and received it again on February 18, 2021. I examined the unit, and everything is working. All original accessories and packaging are included. There is some damage to some of the interior packaging from HIMS. But all contents are in excellent condition, and I will pack everything securely.

Reaper Accessibility 101 Course now Available From Accessivision and Commtech USA

In light of the success of the course for Logic Pro, we are proud to expand our audio production presence into the Reaper world! Reaper is a cross-platform, robust, and extremely affordable digital audio workstation. Accessibility is masterfully designed for both platforms by the Osara plugin, making using Reaper with a screen reader an absolute breeze! This week, for $69.99, you too can learn how to use Reaper accessibly! as Reaper accessibility expands, so will this course! One purchase gets you access to all future updates to the course! And to top it all off, we proudly offer you our highly regarded on-call tech support for anything related to the Reaper course, including any updates to the course! We're ready when you are. Order the Reaper course today, and kickstart your audio production journey! 1-833-345-8324 Ext. 703

Learn Braille Music with Ulysses Garcia

Are you an avid musician? Are you more than just the average person who sings along to something you heard on the radio? Maybe you love composing, arranging, or recording music. Do you wish you could better relate to your fellow sighted peers in sharing your musical ideas with them? Maybe you're a teacher of the visually impaired or a parent of a blind student or child. Perhaps they came to ask you, 'How can I read music as a blind person? Whatever the reason, we've got you covered here at Accessivision US. Hello, my name is Ulysses Garcia, and I am a course creator, and I'm very excited to introduce you to my new Braille Music course! Available for $49.99, you can start learning Braille Music today! This sixty minute, six-module course introduces you to the very basics of Braille music, taking you from a complete beginner to an intermediate level. In addition to learning how to read Braille Music, you will also be learning the fundamentals of basic music theory to help you better understand and grasp the concept of music notation. This will cover things like rhythm, time signature, key signature, intervals, articulation, dynamics, and more! Once you complete each section of the course, you'll have the opportunity to complete a five to ten-question quiz. This will help to ensure that you retain the information you just learned. Simply use a Braille typewriter, Braille note-taker, or Braille display to write down the information. For questions, comments, or support, please call Ulysses at +1(833) 345-8324, extension 716, or E-mail So, act now, and get your copy today!

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