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#CSUNATC18: attendees take advantage of new orientation options with maps and Nearby Explorer from APH

Attendees of the CSUN conference can take advantage of the Nearby Explorer android app from APH to discover and locate nearby points of interest in the first 3 floors of the hotel.

#CSUNATC18: Sendero Group updates GPS Products, Offers Deep Discounts on Upgrades and Apps

Sendero Group, creators of many well-known accessible wayfinding and GPS apps, have many new announcements for new and existing customers alike.

Try All the Things: Get Free Rides, Food, and More at #CSUNATC18 using this Handy Guide

If you're headed to the CSUN Assistive Technology Conference in San Diego, there are a growing number of services which can help make your busy conference just a bit less busy. From rides and food to groceries and massages, one or many of the below services may help you.

Real Research, Real Money from the Accessibility User Research Collective

Microsoft has recently partnered with the Shepherd Center to recruit and pay users for research on their products and services.

JAWS March Update Includes Orbit Reader 20 Driver, Edge and Spellchecker Improvements

The March update for JAWS 2018 has been posted, and the promised drivers for the Orbit Redaer 20 are now included along with a pile of additional changes.

Zoomax Joining the Wearable Device Crowd with RevoSight

Zoomax USA is the latest low-vision company to jump into the wearable device game, and is teasing a new product on their Twitter feed to be released at CSUN.

AIRA's Site Access Program Now Includes Several Airports, Grocery Stores, More; Free Trial at #CSUNATC18

The next time you visit your local airport, grocery store, or university, you may be able to call an AIRA agent for free to receive help.

EA Gets in the Accessibility Game with New Resource Website

Video game maker EA has launched a new website to centralize accessibility resources for its games and provide a place for users to share feedback.


Handcrafted wooden Stool Sample for $10.00 [Shipped]

M_B_McCarty via eBay has the Handcrafted, wooden Stool Sample from Roger Schaf for $10.00 with free shipping. Roger Schaf is a visually impaired woodworker from Louisville, Kentucky. Imagine the reaction of your friends and coworkers when you hand them a spesamine bottle with your stool sample included. Inside, they will find a small, wooden stool! This novelty gift is great for anyone in the medical field, or for someone who just enjoys a good laugh.

LEGO Holiday Easter Egg Hunt Building Kit for $14.59 [Shipped via Prime]

Amazon offers Prime members the LEGO Holiday Easter Egg Hunt Building Kit for $14.59 with free shipping. That's the lowest price we could find by $4. It includes two minifigures and over 140 pieces.

Fisher Price Laugh & Learn Toolbox Gift Set for $17.99

Walmart offers the Fisher Price Laugh & Learn Toolbox Gift Set for $17.99. If possible, opt for in-store pickup to dodge the $5.99 shipping fee. That's the lowest price we could find by $16. It includes the toolbox, remote, and smart phone.

8 Boxes Of Lindt Classic Assorted Dark Chocolates Gift Box (Chof-K Dairy) For $41.42 [Shipped]

Amazon offers 8 Boxes Of Lindt Classic Assorted Dark Chocolates Gift Box (Chof-K Dairy) For $41.42 with free shipping. This was selling for $60.28 before the price started to drop. This gold gif box contains Dark Caramel Chews, Dark Pecan Caramel Classics and assorted dark chocolate Gourmet Truffles. Perfect for gifting and as an individual gourmet indulgence. Lindt. Chocolate beyond compare. Made in the USA.

Dog Food and Treats Sample Box with an $11.99 Amazon Credit for $11.99 [Shipped via Prime]

Exclusively for Prime members, Amazon offers this Dog Food and Treats Sample Box bundled with an $11.99 Amazon Credit for $11.99 with free shipping. (The credit must be used towards purchases of similar dog food and treats.) Assuming you'll use the credit, that makes the sample box essentially free. Each box contains six or more samples from brands like Blue, Wellness, Hill's, and Canidae. Note: It's expected to ship in five to seven days.

Pen+Gear 6-Sheet Cross Shredder for $24.88

Walmart offers the Pen+Gear 6-Sheet Cross Shredder for $24.88. If possible, opt for in-store pickup to avoid the $5.99 shipping fee. That's $15 off list and the lowest price we could find. It features ShredSafe easy feeding entry and four shredding modes.

Sweetylife Knee Pillow for Back Pain for $12.65 [Shipped via Prime]

Sweety Life via Amazon offers the Sweetylife Knee Pillow for Back Pain for $24.80. Coupon code "DFMLVHTG" cuts it to $12.65. Plus, Prime members receive free shipping. That's $12 off, and the lowest price we've seen. It features a memory foam design and zippered cover. Deal ends March 31.

Sunbeam Comfy Toes Queen or King Heated Foot Warming Mattress Pad for $23.49 [Shipped via Prime]

Amazon offers Prime members the Sunbeam Comfy Toes Queen/King Heated Foot Warming Mattress Pad for $23.49 with free shipping. That's the lowest price we could find. It features three heat settings and a three hour auto shut-off.


#CSUNATC18 Sponsor Audio: Transforming your Horizon with Aira

The Blind Bargains Crew has put on their track shoes to keep up with all the news that has been generated by Aira in the early portions of 2018. From the announcement of the Aira Employment Program to the ability to use the service in some grocery stores, the team at AIRA is listening to their subscribers and providing solutions to their needs. Greg Stilson, Director of Product Management, joins Joe Steinkamp to discuss in more detail these events and how they tie into the upcoming release of the Horizon version of the product. rolling out in May of this year. Greg also notes what is in store with Aira at CSUN 2018. Learn about how the company will transform the area with Aira City San Diego; Aira Horizon Smart Glasses; introduction to the capabilities of Hey Chloe [TM] Aira s new artificial intelligence (AI) platform; and much more that you can read about from this CSUN blog post.

We would like to thank Aira and Greg for coming on the program and for being a sponsor of the Blind Bargains Qast. If you have questions about the service, or need more information, you can drop Aira an email at

Blind Bargains Qast 137: All Your Paudio

The last show before we start our pilgrimage to the West coast has us thinking about long flights. J.J. in the spirit of the season, not Spirit Airlines mind you, takes us on a brief tour of an In Flight Entertainment System in this episode. Our Legal Correspondent is back for a listener email in "Sound Off" and we'll check in on one of the subjects from last week's "Last Word". Fold your tray tables and place your seats in the upright position... BBQ 137 is heading towards the runway.

Blind Bargains Qast 136: The Texas Chili Refresh Rate

Buddy Brannan is back and he is here to show off the new addition to his ever-growing Braille Display collection. We'll then delve into how non Google made Google Home units work. The tip will give you the need for speed, "Sound Off" has a request for Buddy and the "Last Word" will make you forget all about those Furbies from a few weeks ago.

Blind Bargains Qast 135: Braille Screen Input Is Beautiful

It happened to be Pancake Day at the time of recording. We aren't sure if having some form of a pancake would be a good accompaniment for the show, however, expect to hear a lot more about pancakes the closer we get to CSUN. That's because Richard Walker's Pancake House is a "must find" in San Diego. Enough about food. This week we finish up our ATIA coverage with an interview with John Taylor from IRIE_AT about a new smartphone option, discuss Video Magnifiers in "Sound Off" and talk about pancakes in the "Last Word". Hey wait, how did that get there? Oh well, grab a pad of butter and slather on the syrup for episode 135 of the delicious BBQ.

Blind Bargains Qast 134: Amber Vario Trio

This week we bring you a timely interview with David Bradburn, a person who is involved in one of the biggest stories of the year so far. We also have some great comments in the Sound Off" section, a tip and Joe finally talks about those iPhone chargers. The "Last Word" is Furby free. So relax and get ready for an amazing episode.

Blind Bargains Qast 133: Furby Piper Exploring

J.J. is once again transmitting from a location somewhere in New jersey. Hear his harrowing tale of food delivery throughout this episode. unrelatedly, but still involving hotel travel oddly enough, hear J.J. take a trip around the ATIA host hotel with Larry from APH and Indoor Explorer. News is back, so is "Sound Off" and a very timely tip rounds out the show.

Blind Bargains Qast 132: Triple Click Google Home

It is always a treat when we can get someone to come on the show and talk about services and new hardware. This week Buddy Brannan joins Joe and Patrick to discuss not only a new Braille Display, a new Braille Embosser and even a new Android phone. He also provides some good insight into the news surrounding service animals and the airline industry. Then, Patrick talks about a new recorder that Joe will probably end up buying before CSUN. It is a jam packed episode of insighful comments and hardware reviews. And we think this will come as a shock to J.J. for sure that his absence from the show this week did not result in a gab fest about videogames or Microsoft.

Blind Bargains Qast 131: The Year In A.T. 2017

Here we go, another year, another top 10 list. Join J.J., Joe, Shelly and Chancey as they roll through some of the bigger news that shook the Low Vision and Blindness technology field in the year that was 2017.


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Lord of the Rings 1981 BBC

I have a Lord of the Rings 1981 BBC radio drama CD set for sale. I'm asking $78 for it. Please email me, if you would like to buy it from me.

Lenovo ThinkPad X220, 2 Built-In Hard drives, Intel I5 2.5GHZ, 8GB RAM, Lots ofAccessories

I am selling an amazing laptop that has 2 hard drives built in. How many laptops do you see with 2 hard drives in them? Not very many, that's for sure. Anyway, take a look below at the specs and all that it comes with. I can upgrade it to windows 10 if someone wants me to. listen to my audio recording to hear everything about it and everything it comes with. This was my personal Lenovo X220. Lenovo X220 in good physical condition and perfect working condition 6 cell battery I5 2.5GHZ Intel processor Windows 7 professional but can be upgraded for free to windows 10 1 internal 500GB solid state drive and an internal data 1 terrabyte drive 8GB of RAM Includes licensed copy of office. If you don't have me reset it, a licensed copy of window eyes, NVDA, and various other programs. All if you don't have me reset it to factory settings Includes: 2 Lenovo power adapters Logitech lap desk with plug and play stereo speakers external CD/DVD plug and play USB drive Extra keyboard 6 extra laptop hard drives various capacities 3 sticks of extra RAM various capacities Factory set of Lenovo system restore disks Bag full of extra replacement parts like hard drive caddies, screws, hard drive doors, rubber feet, etc. Laptop bag Listen to everything here: I am asking $900 plus shipping. I accept all credit cards and paypal. Email or call me if you have any questions. 405-633-2572 or

Selling ElBraille 14 for $2,000, or best reasonable offer

I am selling a barely-used ElBraille 14 for $2,000, or best reasonable offer. The unit comes with the docking station, and Focus 14 Blue display. Upon receipt, it will be running JAWS 2018 in 40-minute mode. The purchaser would need to authorize JAWS with their personal key. The ElBraille is running the latest version of Windows 10, as well as the Microsoft Office suite. This machine is meant more for web browsing, checking email, using social media, media consumption, etc., as opposed to heavy multitasking. It offers the functionality of a Windows computer as well as the ability to jot quick text notes, or record quick audio notes with the press of a key. The battery life is quite impressive. I can easily get a few days out of this before needing to charge it. It should be noted that the Focus 14 Blue can also be paired with a mobile device. It is possible to switch between the ElBraille and any second pairing without needing to separate the Focus. Should you need to use the display completely separate from the ElBraille, though, it can be done. PayPal is accepted at: Thanks very much!

St. Paddie's week specials On all Daisy Book Readers, other Talking Devices & Accessories.

New Magnetic USB Cables, etc! In celebration of St. Patrick's Day we bring you some fine deals. Follow the rainbow to our special deals below: Our latest exciting item for sale! This is great for those of you who have either a 2nd gen Victor Reader Stream or Trek. As some of you know the part of these players which fails the easiest is the charging port which can cost over $200 for humanware to fix! Well, we now have a great solution to keep this from happening to your 2nd gen Stream or Trek... It's a magnetic microUSB cable! Think of a regular USB cable, one end is the one you plug into your computer's USB port or into a wall charger. The other end has the part that goes into the device's charging port. That end which goes into the device connects to the rest of the USB cable magnetically so when done charging one just detaches the cable part of it and the magnetic tip stays plugged in the device. You never have to unplug it or plug it in again as it's already plugged in. If you didn't know it was there you wouldn't know about it as it sticks out just a tiny little bit. No strain is put on that very fragile seeming charging port ever again. This will also work with Sansa Clip Zip Talking Mp3 Players, Fire Tablets, any Android Phone/tablet, Samsung Haven/Gusto 3 or any other device with a microUSB charging port! We have them in three feet $13.99 and five feet $15.99 so choose the size you want in the combo box: We have Victor Reader Treks and Streams ready to go just awaiting your order, we have the Fire tablets, Talking MP3 Players and Book readers, Plus lots of other devices such as Bluetooth transmitters and receivers and many other accessories for use with them. First for our Daily Deal: Order now and get a free 16GB microSD card with your order of a Talking Book Reader! Just $229.99! Our feature-packed new Talking Book Reader 2nd Edition which comes with the high quality Ivona voices built in and plays all sorts of unprotected files including Daisy books, eBooks, music, audio books, and even video files is a great choice for listening to audio content! Listen on its built-in speaker or on headphones! Connect it to your wifi for listening to internet radio stations and podcasts! Record from its built-in mic, external mic/line-in, FM stereo radio, and internet radio! All this and 14 hours of battery life for just $229.99! Get the introduction to the Talking Book Reader 2nd Edition at the below link. Press enter on the link then search for the word download and save the file normally. We have the 7-inch, HD 8, and HD 10 Fire tablets with the screen reader turned on and Google Play Store installed at some very good prices! 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Available from the above pages or from here: Save $2 off the case when you order it in the combo box on the tablet's page when you purchase a Fire Tablet from our site! Don't forget you can use either a Bluetooth keyboard or connect a regular USB keyboard to these tablets with the use of an OTG cable to make typing easier or for those who haven't fully mastered the use of a touch screen yet. Order your Victor Reader Trek and get at least $120 off Humanware's price and get them delivered to you very swiftly! Get yours now at the lower $579.99 price! Humanware has raised their price to $699.99 plus shipping and tax! Get the new Victor Stream 2nd gen on sale for just $349.99! It comes with a free 8GB SD card, Long and short cables, protective silicone covering, earphones, and wall charger in the box. You can read about and order it from: Get a brand new 4GB Sansa Clip Zip Talking MP3 Player for just $109.99! 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We have several portable solutions and some non-portable ones, with ranges from about 30 feet to over 160 feet as well as some low latency options when combined with the above Bluetooth headset! Don't forget my offer of assistance in helping you figure out what you need and don't need. You can check them out here: We still have the Miccus long range Home RTX Bluetooth Transmitter/Receiver, one of my favorites and which I use to stream from my office to the rest of the house, on sale for $49.99! And it's successor the Miccus Home RTX 2.0 Long Range Bluetooth Transmitter/Receiver for just $59.99! We have the Portable Water Resistant Bluetooth Mini Shower mono speaker this week for just $19.99. We have all of our cables and charging accessories at 20% off: This special lasts through Thursday March 22nd so hurry and take advantage of these special deals! All prices are in US dollars. We accept major credit cards and PayPal on line, or you can call 727-498-0121 or Skype lazmesa to place your credit card order or have a PaypalMe link sent by email. Your questions are always welcome.

For Those Who Listen to Podcasts Using a Second Generation Victor Stream

Hi, Everyone, It has been brought to our attention that some of you who listen to the Mystic Access podcast using a second generation Victor Reader Stream may not be receiving our latest podcast episodes. We release episodes every two weeks, so if you haven't gotten any new episodes from us or from other podcasts you enjoy lately, we have the solution. For those who are running Stream version 4.8.6 or below, there is an issue with the Stream's firmware that may be preventing you from downloading some podcast episodes or subscribing to some podcasts. The Mystic Access podcast is one of these. Humanware is aware of this issue, and can provide you with a pre-release version of firmware for your Stream that will resolve the problem. To receive this firmware version, please contact Humanware directly. In the US, their number is: (800) 722-3393. Please use this url to find the Humanware contact info for your country. If you run into problems, please call or email us and we'll be happy to help. If you know people who listen to our podcast and who may not be receiving episodes, we'd be very grateful if you would share this information with them. Also, if you know anyone who has tried to subscribe to our podcast and received a service error, please share this information with them, as well. We appreciate you spreading the word. We love our thriving community of podcast listeners, and want to make sure that everyone receives our fun and informative episodes. Thanks for reading... and listening. Warm Wishes, Kim, Chris and Lisa The Mystic Access Team

BX400 Pac Mate for $600 or best offfer!

I have 2 Pac Mates that I am selling. One has a Braille Display that still works very well, wi-fi card, and an Executive Products Case that I would like to sell for $600. I also have a Pac Mate BX400 with no display that I am asking for $300 or best offer on. Both units need their batteries replaced but when plugged in work very well.

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