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Using AI to Remember the First Blind Bargains Weekly Podcast

The first Blind Bargains podcast was more than nine years ago, back when Window-Eyes 9 was released and Be my Eyes was a brand new app. Technology as come a long way since then, and now we are able to take a look back using AI tools.

Remembering Access Technology Pioneer David Holladay

David Holladay, the cofounder of Raised Dot Computing, and a longtime employee and supporter of Duxbury Systems, has died.
David's impact can be felt both in the early development of talking software for Apple II computers and in his relentless drive to provide the best braille software.
Here is the transcript of an in-depth interview from the Legends and Pioneers of Blindness Assistive Technology series from 2003.

Listen to the Let's Go Shopping Event and Support Blind-owned Small Businesses

A. T. Guys was one of the many vendors in this year's Let's GO Shopping event, a holiday shopping spetacular supporting blind-owned small businesses. If you missed the event or would like to relive the weekend, the audio recordings are below. Each vendor gives a detailed description of the items they sell and also answers questions from listeners.

Let's Go Shopping is Back - your Virtual Mall Crawl is November 3-4

Back just in time for the holidays, Let's Go Shopping is a two-day, virtual mall crawl featuring businesses owned by blind and low vision individuals. We are excited to once again join this dynamic event, November 3 and 4.



BBQ 230: BTactile Is The Place To Find Tactile Graphics

This week, we continue our coverage of CSUN 2022? Turns out we found some interviews in a closet somewhere that for whatever reason were never released. Thankfully, the subject of this tactile graphics exploration is still around and ready to serve up more than 6,000 graphics and growing. Below is how Joe described in words this interview in 2022. Stay tuned for more coverage of some year of CSUN and other things coming soon.

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CSUN 2022?: BTactile

The "Last Word" has been known to be that part of a BBQ episode where Joe can astound, annoy?, J.J. with tales of superheroes or their movie counterparts. Yet J.J. has not experienced reading a comic strip on his own until 2022 at CSUNATC. John Alexis Guerra Gomez, Co-Founder of BTactile, takes J.J. on an amazing tour of tactile delights that came courtesy of the many images curated by the BTactile repositories. John and his wife began the service in 2015 to provide a place where others can find suitable images for an array of tactile options such as 3d printers and other methods for creating tactile materials. The privately funded service utilizes more than 23 sources across the globe that is presented in an easy to use searchable format. Tune in to hear J.J. become an art critic in real time thanks to the team at BTactile. To search the collection yourself, visit the site at this link

BBQ 229: HIMS Describes The Feelings You Get From The Braille eMotion

This week's show features the last of our CSUNATC24 interviews. It also features JJ's return to his vocal stylizing of some famous songs. We apologize in advance for that. By the way, if you have been looking for us on what used to be Twitter, well, don't. Our official feed has moved to Mastodon, and you can experience the same content you know from us there.

BBQ 228: A New Experience With The newHaptics Multiline Braille Display

We are back with another interview from the CSUNATC24 Exhibit Hall floor. Only one more to go after this one. Take your bets now as to who holds the last interview slot. And no, just because a robot makes a surprise appearance, the last interview is not with eBot thankfully.

BBQ227: Free-Styling Glidance

JJ is back with some sad news about his AI driven co-star. But do not fret too much as he has some other AI powers up his sleeve with another CSUNATC24 interview. Also, as we are reaching the end of our California coverage, drop us a line about what you thought were the big takeaways from ATIA and CSUN. Send your ideas to and we may feature those comments in a future episode.

BBQ 226: Huge Harry Says Hello From Blazie Technologies

We are back to prove last week was not a one off April Fools joke. And we have an interview about a product you old timers might know, but in a more modern style than you might remember. Plus, for good or bad, this interview is not from Florida and does not feature a poolside parrot in the background. Break out your floppies and those connector cables that are worth more than gold for BBQ 226.

BBQ Be My AI 225: Placeholder Title Needs Update

Things like grammar and sentence structure are hard. That's why we do more talking than writing on this site. Except, for a considerable time, we haven't been doing a lot of that either. Well, that changes today as we replaced the batteries, dust off the cobwebs and have knocked off some of the krust with an all new BBQ episode featuring an interview from CSUNATC24!


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