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To The Core! Or: This Week's Rundown of Notable Apple News

CES is over, so that must mean its time for Macworld. Alas, that event is no more but you sure couldn't tell by the amount of news we have in the run down this week.

And some so-called analysts thought it might be March. Ha! Apple said to hold special media event in February. Perhaps that upcoming event may feature a certain object that you might wear on your wrist? If so, could that object be VoiceOver friendly? It now seems that it might be, according to this article. Apple Watch iPhone ‘Companion’ app revealed w/ new Watch features.
Latest iOS 8.2 iPhone beta adds Apple Watch Bluetooth support

We really won't know for sure what the event, nor the watch, has in store until it arrives. As long as we are in the realm of speculation...
You Might Control Future Apple Devices With Hand Gestures. For those who want to give their devices the finger, Apple wants to beam your fingerprint to new devices.

Apple, like IBM, patents a lot of stuff. Here are this week's articles on what may be one day in your iDevice.
Apple patent reveals Home button that doubles as a gaming joystick
Apple just patented a wearable camera that’s better than GoPro
Imagine the home of the future. Now imagine how your Lightning Port could interact with all sorts of things within that beautiful house. Think of the accessories!
I've been holding off on getting an AppleTV because if I did buy one, just like my good friend Jamie Pauls did, Apple will come out with a newer model the very next week. And here is why I think I'll be waiting for that newer model just a bit longer. Report: HomeKit uses AppleTV as a smart home hub, sometimes

Turning to security, Macs vulnerable to virtually undetectable virus that can't be removed
Why DNS in OS X 10.10 is broken, and what you can do to fix it

Siri was in the news a bunch this week. Here are three stories involving her.
How to instantly purchase an iTunes gift card using Siri
Blind Redditor pays $1,000 to have Siri read the news

Getting the Most Out of Apple iOS 8

There was a lot more this week on how successful the App Store is and how iOS has helped iBooks tremendously with millions of people now being exposed to it thanks to the old Microsoft way of bundling apps into your operating system. But it seems that more changes are in store in the App Store. Apple apparently cutting back on the freebies, Single of the Week the latest casualty
Molly Wood has a neat article for the NY Times on getting the Most Out of Apple iOS 8.

In app news, AllCast media streaming finally comes to iOS
Office apps for iPhone and iPad now support VoiceOver for reading and editing
Microsoft seeks Skype for iPhone users for new pre-release program
Google updates Maps for iOS and Drive for Mac with notable new features
Michael Doise, a big Doctor Who fan by the way, has been busy. VO Change for iOS 2.0 now live in the App Store! And lastly, two from the "How To" bin: How to instantly switch audio sources in OS X
How to get good audio while shooting video on your iPhone

So there's a short summary of recent Apple news. Be sure to check back in next week for more. And if we missed something big, let us know in the comments section.

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