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Ready to roll Version 2.0 released, bringing app redesign, new sound customisation options, fate dice

Ready to Roll, an app by Blind Sparrow Interactive, which allows blind and visually impaired people to roll dice quickly and ifficiently, has just received its first major update.

The app has received a full redesign, removing the page layout users of version 1.0 may be familiar with. Rather than the cross-shaped layout previously used, the app now has a verticle page layout. Home is still the first element encountered, but rather than swiping left and right to get to the list of standard dice pages, you now swipe down. From the home page, the elements you will now encounter are:

  • Standard pages: swiping left/right from this page takes you through the standard dice offered by the app, your three custom dice slots, and modifiers for standard dice. The method for adding and subtracting dice and modifiers has not changed.

  • Special: This is a section which has been grately expanded in the most recent update. In addition to d20 advantage and percentile dice, which have always been included, the app now also includes Fate/fudge dice. These are either negative, blank, or positive, so that rolling 4 of them, as is customary, you will receive a result ranging from -4 to 4. As with other dice, Ready to Roll can read the total result of all rolls or can speak the result of each individual di roll along with their total. (From the [RPG Stack Exchange(, Fudge dice have two sides with a plus, two sides with a minus, and two sides with a blank. A typical roll consists of rolling four Fudge dice (4dF) and letting the plus sides cancel the minus sides, then reading the net pluses or minuses. For example, a roll of ++-b (plus, plus, minus, blank) is a net +1. In Fudge, a player would use this roll to shift a trait or ability (also described on the adjective scale) up or down according to the roll. For example, given Mediocre (-1) Intelligence and a roll of ++-b, which is Good (+1), that results in a Fair (0) Intelligence result.

  • Keep: This section offers custom rules for keeping a number of dice out of the total pool rolled. For example, the first custom rule given is 4d6k3, which rolls 4 6-sided dice and keeps the first three rolls. You can create custom keep rules for each of the typical dice options, similar to adding modifiers described above.

  • Previous: Pressing with one finger on the previous page causes the last three dice rolls to be read aloud with the verbosity settings the app was set to at the time of the roll. Note that you can also press and hold with one finger briefly after rolling any dice to hear its result read out again.

  • Credits: pressing with one finger on this page reads the credits for the app.

  • Blessing works in the same way, save that it reads a short Bible verse.

  • Settings: the settings page has received a fairly major overhall in version 2.0. Rather than interacting with different elements using different gestures, the settings page now works more similarly to pages in other parts of the app. Swipe with one finger left and right through the options, and press with one finger to toggle them. The options for VO type and speed have not changed, but a new option has been added to allow you to change the volume of the sound effects used in the app, or turn them off entirely. This only works with the swiping and clearing sounds-- you will still hear the dice rolling sounds.

  • Guide: The guide screen has also received an overhall, and, much like the settings screen, you can also interact with it using more traditional gestures. Swipe with one finger left and right through pages and long press with one finger to have that section of the guide read aloud. Available sections are Formula, rolling, and Layout .

  • You can now swipe left with two fingers from any screen to go back to the home screen for faster navigation.

*Speed and reliability improvements have been made throughout the app, along with under the hood improvements which will make adding new dice sets easier in future.

If you, or someone you know, plays a lot of tabletop games, or is looking for a good introduction, this app is a wonderful resource.

[Buy it now for $1.99 on the ITunes App Store.(

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