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BBQ 228: A New Experience With The newHaptics Multiline Braille Display

We are back with another interview from the CSUNATC24 Exhibit Hall floor. Only one more to go after this one. Take your bets now as to who holds the last interview slot. And no, just because a robot makes a surprise appearance, the last interview is not with eBot thankfully.

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CSUNATC24 Interview: Alex Russomanno and Sile O,Modhrain of Newhaptics

We have been covering the exciting world of Multiline Braille Displays for a long time. And we are moving ever closer from fantasy to reality as the EBRF standard emerges onto the scene. As a result of so many placing effort into this space, we are now starting to see some new Braille technologies arise to provide a new kind of tactile feel to the need for a new style of display. JJ caught up with CEO Alex Russomanno and Sile O'Modhrain, CXO or Chief Experience Officer, of Newhaptics
To talk about their Braille bubbles approach to the multiline display. That is to say, J.J. found out how compressed air can be used to drive pins on a display rather than him using a wand to wave bubbles around in the air. Listen in, or read the transcript, to learn how this new 3 line 24 cell display has been 12 years in the making. And why this technology earned a National science foundation grant for a display that allows multitouch with its multiline Braille implementation. The unit is in pre-production now, however, to stay up to date with a possible product release next year, visit the official Newhaptics Website

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