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Timecrest version 2.9.1 introduces new soundtrack, VoiceOver fixes, new UI, and more

In preparation for Timecrest 3, Sneaky Crabs has released a new version of popular iOS game Timecrest.

GeeksModo: New blog for everything apple

Readers interested in learning more about their Apple devices should take note of GeeksModo an emerging blog covering all things apple.

Find out more about GeeksModo, and its founder Moses Gitari, below.

Aira updates policies after Corona Virus outbreak

Due to the recent physical isolation orders across various countries, Aira has detailed its new policies in the wake of COVID-19.

Let's Go Shopping, an All Day Event Featuring your Favorite Vendors and Lots of Prizes, is Saturday (expired)

A. T. Guys is excited to join a variety of amazing small businesses for an all-day, virtual shopping experience.

Tyler Littlefield creates accessible Covid-19 statistics tracker

In the rapidly changing landscape of the Covid-19 outbreak, staying informed is more crucial than ever.

iOS 13.4 adds support for iCloud-based folder sharing

iOS 13.4, released earlier this week, introduces iCloud folder sharing to anyone with an Apple ID.

Audio Wizards goes on sale prior to forthcoming multiplayer update

Audio Wizards, from Finish developer My True Sound goes on sale until March 29.

Freedom Scientific offers home licences for Jaws, ZoomText, and Fusion through June 2020; Dolphin Follows Suit

Freedom scientific is offering some of its blind and low vision products to households in the U.S. for free to help minimize the impact of work from home requirements on blind and visually impaired individuals.

It's Time to be Counted: How to Take the 2020 U.S. Census Now

The 2020 Census is happening now in the United States, and the forms can be filled out online with a screen reader or other tools. Here's what you need to do.

Voice Dream Scanner enters Android Beta, costs $5.99

Popular iOS scanning app Voice Dream Scanner is porting to Android, and is entering public beta.

Firefox version 73 introduces several low vision improvements

The latest version of Mazilla's Firefox browser introduces new global zoom options and a new backplate option for those using Windows high contrast mode.

Use Audio to Understand the Meaning of Flattening the Curve, Thanks to Desmos

You may have recently heard the phrase "Flattening the Curve" but the visual reference to controlling the spread of COVID-19 may make more sense when presented in audio form. Thanks to the Desmos Graphing Calculator, this is now possible.

Mosen Consulting Offers Free Audiobook about the Zoom Meeting Platform

Mosen Consulting is offering a free audiobook for those who use or are interested in the remote meeting capabilities of Zoom.

#CSUNATC20: Orbit Research Announces a Trio of New Braille Products, Relaunches Graphiti

Orbit Research has several new products being added to their lineup in the coming weeks including new braille displays, a Bluetooth braille keyboard, and the release of the long-awaited Graphiti tactile graphics display.

#CSUNATC20: Over 130 Sessions Canceled, Many Major Sponsors Dropping Out while Organizers Deny Refunds

Over a quarter of sessions for the CSUN Assistive Technology Conference have now been canceled with more on the way, but organizers insist the event is still going on as planned and no refunds are being offered, according to some participants.

Growing List of Sponsors including Google, Microsoft, Deque Bail on #CSUNATC20, Organizers Remaining Silent

As numerous sponsors bail on the 35th CSUN Assistive Technology Conference, organizers have remained silent on social media and are not offering refunds, according to some participants.

#CSUNATC20 is Still a Go for Now, though Coronavirus Concerns are Causing Many to Reconsider

As of this moment, the CSUN Assistive Technology Conference is still happening as planned, though heightened safety policies have been put in place due to the coronavirus or COVID-19, and some participants have opted not to attend.

Aira drops support for Horizon glasses, looks for new solutions.

As of April 1 2020, Aira will be dropping support for the Horizon glasses.

New setting in iOS 13.4 introduces always-on Hey Siri option

Want to have Hey Siri available, even if your phone is face down or covered? Now you can.

American Printing House for the Blind announces new 2020 line of products

Aph is announcing a new line of braille displays, embossers and tactile graphics designers for the productivity and education markets.

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