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Using AI to Remember the First Blind Bargains Weekly Podcast

The first Blind Bargains podcast was more than nine years ago, back when Window-Eyes 9 was released and Be my Eyes was a brand new app. Technology as come a long way since then, and now we are able to take a look back using AI tools.

An overview of Microsoft OneNote for Windows 10

OneNote is one of the best ways to organize and connect different types of content, from notes to audio files and webpages. It also sinks between iOS, windows, and android, meaning that you will have access to your content on any device.

This is the write-up of a talk I did on Clubhouse several weeks back, demonstrating and going over some use cases. For those who have never used it, OneNote is probably the closest app to Scrivener on iOS that we have available on windows.

Accessible applications to manage your screen time with cold Turkey

I've reviewed your options for managing screen time with iOS, but until recently, did not believe there was an accessible way to do this on windows.

Windows does have solutions to measure screen time built in. However, these are mostly geared towards family screen time management. Options for an individual user to manage their onscreen time are sorely lacking natively. There is no option to set specific apps as active, choose how long you spent in each app, or temporarily blocked distracting apps and web sites.

Recommended by Zapier on this list of The 7 best apps to help you focus and block distractions, The suite of apps by cold Turkey software attempts to change this. Fortunately, unlike other apps of its kind, these are also accessible.

Cold Turkey offers three different apps that tackle the problem in slightly different ways. First, cold Turkey blocker lets you designate apps and web sites as off - limits either for a particular interval of time, until the computer is restarted, or until a password is entered. Cold Turkey Micromanager takes the opposite approach, instead allowing you to choose the apps you want to be able to access at any given time and blocking everything else. Finally, Cold Turkey Writer is a minimalist text editor which forces you to focus on the active document.

Read on for a walkthrough of using all three apps, features, pricing, and of course, accessibility.

A review of using twitter on the web

Recently, I decided to experiment with twitter on the web after some lingering frustrations with existing Windows clients. Is it a practical solution? Well... Maybe. Some significant issues exist on the web as well, but Twitter's Webb client has plenty of reasons to recommend it.

BBQ In Review: A pile of Last Word items to smooth things over until our next podcast

In our previous BBQ in Review articles we covered news, Interviews and a whole lot of tips to make up for lost time. Yet no true BBQ traditional show would be complete without a Last Word . Or has it happened to be for this post several Last Word entries. It s all here. Cats, food and YouTube clips galore. Enjoy this journey into the oddities of the world wide web that you have come to expect from us at the end of an episode.

BBQ In Review: A pile of helpful tips to smooth things over until our next podcast

The tip portion of the show can sometimes be the most difficult to record and that s because we have a hard time settling on one for each episode. And sometimes the one we have in mind won t translate well to audio. So, this post is a list of possible upcoming tips for the BBQ, or it is full of things we were not sure would sound good in the Tips block of the show. Either way, there are a ton of things to learn and try out on your various devices.

5 Considerations for Running a Virtual National Convention during COVID-19

Today, the National Federation of the Blind announced that this year's national convention, originally held in Houston, will now be held in a virtual format. The American Council of the Blind made a similar decision last week. But what exactly will this mean?

Little Known Features of VoiceOver: remapping your gestures

As a follow-up to my review of screen time, I will be looking at another little known feature of voiceover: remapping your gestures.

A Blueprint for Time Management: A Dozen Suggestions for Improving Apple's Screen Time Feature

I am one of those rare creatures who lives on my phone. Let me clarify. This is a common criticism leveled at people my age or younger. It can be an especially pointed complaint from parents. But I think for blind people, this can be even more pronounced. It certainly is in my case.

Write and Preview Markdown with ease with IAWriter

I a writer, from developer Information Architects GmbH, is a minimalistic markdown writer and editor.

#CSUNATC19: The 10 Year Challenge For Product Diversity In A.T.

This article is something I ve spoken about with J.J. a few times before we boarded our respective jets westward for the yearly pilgrimage to CSUN. But it wasn't until the beginning of this year, when that 10 Year Challenge thing blew up on social media, did I feel I had a good framing reference for this story.

Audio Described Avengers Assemble! Catch Up On Your Marvel Cinematic Universe Movies Before Avengers: End Game

A monumental moment of pop culture will arrive in theaters on April 26th. 11 years in the making, and spanning more than 20 movies, Marvel will cross a milestone as it wraps up the 4th phase in their lucrative cinematic universe. And the best part is that almost all of it is audio described. We say almost because 2008 s The Incredible Hulk does not offer an audio description track at the time of this writing. However, the rest of the comic tales are described, and we have your guide to catch up on all of them in their official Marvel chronological timeline.

The Apple Rundown: The Excess To The Max Edition

It has been almost two weeks since the BBQ Crew sat down to discuss the big reveals from Apple's September hardware event
And in that short amount of time we ve been given a bunch of updates to Macs, iPhones, Apple TVs, watches and that speaker that needs a coaster under it, so it doesn t harm your wooden table. Then for good measure, not the iOS 12 feature I promise, Apple let loose a duo of .1 updates for tvOS
And Watch OS

A Hero's Call Version 1.3 released

The latest update to the PC audio RPG, now six months on since its initial release
, rolled out to players with fixes for a few quests and a new enemy to encounter. Below are the release notes from Out Of Sight Games' Joseph Bein.

Writing, Editing, and Reading: Do It All With Voice Dream Writer for iOS

Welcome back to the next installment of writing with iOS. Joining the articles on Mindnode, Story Planner, and Scrivener, today we'll be looking at voice dream writer for iOS.

Review: Your Writer's toolbox - Scrivener for iOS

You've planned your story, you know who all the characters are, what they're going to do, and how that works out for them. Or maybe you've never been down for all this pre-planning stuff, and just want to get right to the business of actually writing your story. Either way, it's time to explore the best accessible apps for writing, beginning with Scrivener for iOS.

Digging Up The Dirt On News We May Have Missed

It is no secret that the BBQ Crew has been a bit scattered since the holidays. Some news has fallen behind the sofa, or been swept under a few floor rugs, so this large pile is our way of acknowledging some stories that have occurred while we've been occupied elsewhere.

Big shout out to Dean at Top Tech Tidbits and Access World for keeping the news torches burning. They are great resources for a little light reading when we aren't actively posting.

Review: A Tale Of Two iPhone Chargers

Apple has been slowly adding popular features found on Android phones for a few years now. yet the two biggest items on the Apple wish list would probably have to be that of wireless and rapid charging. With the release of the iPhone 8, 8+ and the X, apple fans finally saw their wishes become reality. Do these new power options really help you get through a day's worth of use more easily? The short answer is yes . Read on to learn more about my first month of using the official Apple USB C rapid charger and the Belkin Boost Up wireless pad.

It's Now Possible To Go A Thousand Miles With A Braille Display

Many VoiceOver and other audio game players on iOS have most likely heard of and have played the Blindfold series of games from Kid Friendly Software While these games have been accessible for speech users, they have not been useable by those who want or need to be able to play them with a braille display. Late last year, I posted a blog on AppleVis calling attention to this fact and pointing out that submited feedback prior to that point had not been taken into account. A discussion ensued, and in early January, I was happy to post that full braille display support was available with Blindfold Wildcard. This card game is very similar to the traditional Uno card game.

Last week, Kid Friendly Software released full braille display support for another game, Blindfold Travel Cards, a version of the popular game better known as One Thousand Miles. As someone who used to be able to play audio games, who later had that ability taken away due to a series of major hearing losses, it is great to now be able to play these games. It is my hope that Kid Friendly Software will continue to work to offer braille support on many of their titles which are text based.

Games For Everybody creates accessible Let's Play's for the visually impaired community

Matt Sharp, a long time gamer and Youtube personality, runs a channel called Games for Everybody/audio described gaming, wherein he plays numerous mainstream games from various genres. While this is nothing new on YouTube, Matt's channel offers a unique twist. While playing, he describes the games for a visually impaired audience as he plays, reading the text of games aloud and describing the physical environment of the game.

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