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Win an Accessible Digital Makeover from Serotek (expired)

Serotek is offering a huge prize package to one lucky person who fills out a short survey on accessibility products. The winner of the Summer Sizzle contest will receive, among other items, a complete System Access screen reading package, an Asus EEE ultraportable PC, a copy of Mobile Speak (any version), and a Victor Reader Stream. The survey is only one page and is quite simple. Contest ends September 1.

ILA Posts Mid-Month Specials (expired)

ILA has posted several new items to their specials page. Among them is the Ove Glove Hot Surface Handler, a kitchen glove which can withstand very high temperatures, a Seiko braille watch, several magnification aids, and a big-button phone. Deals end May 31.

Free Shipping on $50 or More at Independent Living Aids (expired)

Independent Living Aids offers free shipping and handling for purchases of $50 or more with coupon code "FREE05". It's one of the few such coupons we've seen from this site, which sells primarily blindness and low-vision products. The coupon is only good when placing orders online. Deal ends April 30.

Braille Sports Cards on EBay

When I was a kid, I remember the thrill of receiving various braille sports cards. These cards featured the player's name and a vignet of information in braille in addition to the regular picture and info in print. While new cards are no longer made, many EBay sellers sell the ones from years past which you can view in our braille sports cards category on the Auction Gateway. While a blind child today may not recognize all of the names, they'll certainly still be thrilled to receive some of these as gifts.

Sell us your Stuff

If you're looking to make some quick cash, or don't know what to do with your unused assistive technology, why not sell it to us. We'll buy many popular items including notetakers, embossers, phones, and other useful items. Look over our list to find out what we may pay for your stuff.

Mobile Space, A Blog for Accessible Phone Users

While searching today, we ran across Mobile Space, a well-maintained blog focussing on accessible mobile phones, primarily for the Symbian operating system. Recent posts include a review of the N81, links to applications that work well with the phone, and thoughts and updates from Code Factory and Nuance. It's definitely worth an add to our RSS reader, and we recommend you give it a look.

CSUN at Ranger Station

As one might expect, the Ranger Station blog is starting to pile on CSUN coverage. Already, several press releases are posted, and we'd expect to see more as the week unfolds. Be sure to check out this great resource for CSUN news and commentary.

CSUN: GW Micro Releases CSUN Schedule, Promises New Stuff

GW Micro has released their schedule of events for the CSUN conference in Los Angeles. Sessions on March 13 and 14 include Window-Eyes scripting, the SenseNav GPS, the portable SenseView, among others. The announcement also hints at some new products and enhancements.

Save on Braille Paper from Future Forms

Future Forms still offers coupons good for discounts on braille paper by filling out an online form. At last check, this included a coupon good for $5 off your order, which would make many of their prices for a box of paper at the lowest price we could find.

ILA March Specials cover Maps, Cooking, and Fun (expired)

In the March specials list for Independent Living Aids, get a tactile map of the Middle East so you can keep track of current events for $5.50. Or, save money on a food storage vacuum sealing system, a pots and pans set, or an AM/FM/TV radio. Check the link on this post for the complete list. Some items tend to sell out fast, though all specials will end March 31.

It's the Blindness Blogs in a Blender

Some sites post the best of other blogs. This aggregator from Blind Planet, however, posts everything from just about any blindness-related blog or feed you could think of, including our own site. New posts show up in real-time, and cover everything from the Desert Skies blog to corporate blogs from major assistive technology companies.

Save $10 off $50 at Independent Living Aids (expired)

Independent Living Aids takes $10 off a purchase of $50 or more with coupon code "10WS". It's the best coupon we've seen from this site, which sells primarily blindness and low-vision products. The coupon is only good when placing orders online. Deal ends February 29.

Top Tech Tidbits Teaches you Everything

It's no secret why Top Tech Tidbits won a Blind Bargains Access Award for best blindness-related website. This week's issue has tips on everything from Skype call recording to the LevelStar icon and everything in between. Read the latest issue, then subscribe like we do so you don't miss the next one.

AccessWorld Posts Two Breaking News Articles

Two new articles have been posted to the AFB AccessWorld page. First up is a review of Zoom-Ex and Zoom-Twix, one of the fastest and portable OCR products available. Also, AccessWorld offers their take on the much-publicized KNFB Reader Mobile.

It's Back, Top Tech Tidbits 2.0

In case you missed it, Top Tech Tidbits is back for 2008, now with a partnership with Flying Blind, LLC who is now distributing the weekly technology newsletter. Dean Martineau still compiles this useful list of technology news links which is available via Email or on the web. Look at this issue and see why it was voted website of the year in the 2007 Blind Bargains Access Awards.

January AccessWorld Posted

AFB has published the January issue of AccessWorld, a free online technology magazine. Among the articles in this issue is a discussion of accessibility in telephone call centers, an interview with an IBM executive, and a review of the Victor Reader Stream. AccessWorld is published six times per year.

TurboTax is Ready for 2008, File for Free (expired)

For the United States, Turbo Tax has launched their annual tax preparation software, and once again, you can file your Federal return for free. Other options that may give you a higher return are also available from this page. Tax day isn't until April 15, but you might as well pick up that refund now. It's your money.

11 Day Cuban Vacation for 1,049 Pounds (expired)

Here's one for our overseas readers. Traveleyes, a UK-based company specializing in travel excursions for the blind and visually impaired, offers an 11-day, 10-night Cuban vacation for 1,049 pounds (about $2,000). To get this rate, mention Blindbargains2008 when booking, saving you 100 pounds. The trip is April 16-26, 2008 and includes your flight, lodging, and most meals. A detailed itinerary is available from the link on this post.

A Loaded Top Tech Tidbits for the Holidays

Dean Martineau has put together a loaded Top Tech Tidbits for this week. Read to learn about some great articles from Fred's Head, some vista tips, and the latest technology news. Tidbits is published most Thursdays.

Simple Talking Watch with Male Voice for $3.50 (expired)

Independent Living Aids has this simple talking watch with a male voice for $3.50. With about $7 for shipping, it's one of the cheapest talking watches we've ever seen. It has three alarm sounds and distinguishable buttons for setting the time and alarm. Deal ends December 31.

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