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Handy Tech North America Now Offers Handy CMS

Handy Tech North America now offers Handy CMS, the new online Contact Management System developed with an emphasis on accessibility. Please navigate to the above link to read more and obtain a trial!

Bioptic Driving can Help Some Legally Blind people Drive

This is a great new website dealing with Bioptic Driving.Bioptic driving is a method which allows persons with soe usable vision to become licensed drivers. Candidates often have good peripheral vision but lack the ability to sometimes see street signs and other objects, according to the Bioptic Driving website. While much debate exists on the safety of this or other driving systems for those with some useful vision, this site may serve as a useful jumping off point. It is sponsored by the Low Vision Centers of Indiana,.

Mailing List for Mobile Geo

Code Factory has added another mailing list to their portfolio, this time for the Mobile Geo GPS software. This software was recently released for Windows Mobile smartphones and Pocket PC phones and offers accessible turn-by-turn directions and points of interest information. Follow the link on this post to go to the subscription page.

All Hail the July AccessWorld

The new issue of Accessworld has been posted to the AFB website. The July 2008 edition has a heavy emphasis on access to mainstream technology, including looks at MP3 players and in-flight entertainment systems. You'll also find the latest news and technology insights. AccessWorld is published bimonthly and is available free on the web.

Window-Eyes 7, Worth the Wait?

Well, the day has finally arrived. It's been an unprecedented 14 months since the release of any version of Window-Eyes, and now users around the world will get to decide if the wait was worth it.
Follow the link to read the entire article.

The Chaos World of Assistive Technology

This is the title of a new blog focusing on accessibility news and updates. Initial topics covered include accessible GPS software, notetakers and PDAs, and screen reader news. It seems to be well-updated so far, and we'll add it to our blogs to watch.

Accessible Symbian Phone Software Discussed

There's actually lots of quite accessible software available for your Symbian-based cell phone. Brent Harbolt discussed a large list of programs in a recent seminar now hosted on You can listen to the archive as well as find links to the programs mentioned.

New Potential Gold Mine for Blind Programmers

We've seen several resources made available for blind people who wish to program in their language of choice. But a new effort led by popular programmer Jamal Mazrui has the potential to open many doors for current and potential developers alike. is a wiki-based site which offers links to articles, resources, and information for a variety of programming and scripting languages. Whether you are writing Windows programs in or web pages in HTML, there is a section for you. The site is still early in development, but we're sure it will evolve into a rather useful destination.

Get Cash at Any Talking ATM Free Without Surcharge

A new kind of checking generic valium 5mg has been introduced that provides unlimited refunds
of surcharges from automatic teller machines, allowing blind people to use any talking
ATM free without fee or extra charges. Kelly Pierce explains how to do it and which banks offer this very useful service.

Why Pay for a Screen Reader?

These days, blind computer users are gaining more and more options for free access to technology. But in our latest article, we discuss some of the reasons that one should consider paying for a screen reader compared with downloading one for free.

Amazon's MP3 Service is Simply Simple

Much has been written about the inaccessibility of some of the legal services for downloading music. But in the latest in our series of articles, we discuss the ease of use of Amazon's new MP3 offering. The service offers pure MP3 downloads with no DRM restrictions for 99 cents a track or less. Select the link on this post to read our article.

Bargain Hunting 101

Searching for the absolute best deal for an item is not
as hard as you might think. In the latest of our series of articles, we detail some
of the methods we use to find the bargains that are posted to the site.

Cell Phones for the Blind: An Introduction

The advancement of accessible
cell phones has sparked a lot of interest in the blind community. We've written an
introduction to cell phone access for new and advanced users alike. Read it to learn
more, or send it to a friend who is curious about how a blind person can use a cell

A Guide to Selling on EBay for the Blind

We've written a detailed explanation on how to get around the sell an item form on
EBay. Selling on EBay is actually a relatively simple process, and this guide will
hopefully help in simplifying it.

Take the NV Access Survey for a Chance to win new Features

According to this survey, NV Access is going through a time of rebranding and looking for direction on further development of its screen reader, NVDA. Questions on the survey range from how you use NVDA to how you as a user would feel about any kind of name changes with the company or its screen reader. While taking the time to fill this survey out won't enter you in to gift cards or other monetary prizes, it's possible that your contributions could lead to all users of the screen reader winning, if your suggestions are implemented.

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