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Get Cash at Any Talking ATM Free Without Surcharge

A new kind of checking generic valium 5mg has been introduced that provides unlimited refunds
of surcharges from automatic teller machines, allowing blind people to use any talking
ATM free without fee or extra charges. Kelly Pierce explains how to do it and which banks offer this very useful service.

Why Pay for a Screen Reader?

These days, blind computer users are gaining more and more options for free access to technology. But in our latest article, we discuss some of the reasons that one should consider paying for a screen reader compared with downloading one for free.

Amazon's MP3 Service is Simply Simple

Much has been written about the inaccessibility of some of the legal services for downloading music. But in the latest in our series of articles, we discuss the ease of use of Amazon's new MP3 offering. The service offers pure MP3 downloads with no DRM restrictions for 99 cents a track or less. Select the link on this post to read our article.

Bargain Hunting 101

Searching for the absolute best deal for an item is not
as hard as you might think. In the latest of our series of articles, we detail some
of the methods we use to find the bargains that are posted to the site.

Cell Phones for the Blind: An Introduction

The advancement of accessible
cell phones has sparked a lot of interest in the blind community. We've written an
introduction to cell phone access for new and advanced users alike. Read it to learn
more, or send it to a friend who is curious about how a blind person can use a cell

A Guide to Selling on EBay for the Blind

We've written a detailed explanation on how to get around the sell an item form on
EBay. Selling on EBay is actually a relatively simple process, and this guide will
hopefully help in simplifying it.

Take the NV Access Survey for a Chance to win new Features

According to this survey, NV Access is going through a time of rebranding and looking for direction on further development of its screen reader, NVDA. Questions on the survey range from how you use NVDA to how you as a user would feel about any kind of name changes with the company or its screen reader. While taking the time to fill this survey out won't enter you in to gift cards or other monetary prizes, it's possible that your contributions could lead to all users of the screen reader winning, if your suggestions are implemented.

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