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Refreshable display Braille VarioUltra 40, Us$ 2000 USD

I am selling my VarioUltra 40, in perfect condition. I'm asking 2000 USD for her. The reason for the sale is solely lack of money. I explain, because she really has no problem, and I really wouldn't want to get rid of her if it wasn't for that need.

Hi selling Braille sense mini for 1500 dollars.

Hi I’m lowering the price on my Braille sense u2 mini to 1500 dollars. Message if interested, thanks

Hi willing to trade for Braille note touch.

Hi I have a Braille sense u2 mini for sell, or trade. I’m wanting 2000 dollars, or a Braille note touch. Contact me by email, or text, thanks. I accept PayPal, or square cash. Thanks.

Hi Braille sense u2 mini for sell.

Hi have a Braille sense u2 mini for cell. I’m celling because I’m getting the Polaris mini. I’ll accept payment plans. The full price is 2500. I’ll accept 250 dollars a month. I accept square cash, and paypal thanks.

Humanware Brailliant B80 and BrailleNote MPower

I am selling a Humanware Brailliant B80 Braille display and a BrailleNote MPower. The B80 is an 80 cell Braille display with USB and bluetooth connectivity, and front thumb keys for navigation. It is in brand-new condition, has barely been used, and is still in its original box. The BrailleNote MPower is in great condition but needs a new battery. Please contact me if you are interested in either product for more information or to make an offer. Price is negociable.

Hi selling a braille since U2 mini its in great condition. Selling for 2500 dollars.

Hi selling the following braille since u2 mini for 2500 dollars. It has the following word processor, email, document reader, media player, fm radio, and you can also go on facebook with it. Please email me for further information.

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