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Hi looking for an actilino Braille display. I can pay 50 a month.

Hi there I need an actilino for school. I’m willing to pay 50 dollars a month. I need this for school. I’m also looking for a MacBook with 16 gigs of ram, and 512 gigs of hard drive space. I can pay 50 a month for that as well. If someone has both I’d greatly appreciate it. Please text with all offers to 678-576-7717, thanks.

Hi looking for the el-Braille Braille note taker

Hi I’m willing to pay 100 dollars a month, and 500 up front. Please help me someone. This will be helpful for school, thanks.

Hi have a refreshabraille 18 for 500 dollars, zoom recorder for 120 dollars, and beats

Sorry it wouldn’t let me put my post up on the headline but they have a pair of beats headphones with cushions needing replacements for $250, I have a zoom recording for $120, and a refresher Braille 18 for $500. I also have an Apple Watch cellular version for 330 dollars.

Hi I’m selling my laptop for 250, an Apple Watch for 330 dollars, and an iPad for 100 doll

The laptop has 4 gigs of ram, and 300 gigs of internal storage. The Apple Watch is the series 5 32 gb, and it’s the cellular version. The iPad is 100 dollars. Has 16 gigs, and wifey model.

For Sale Braille Sense Polaris 32 New Brailliant BI 32 New Perkins Electric Brailler

We have some items that are overstock. For Sale Hims BrailleSense Polaris 32 notetaker computer and Braille display in retail box with accessories. Also a new Humanware Brailliant BI 32 Second Generation, surprisingly portable bluetooth and USB Braille Display and braille keyboard buillt in with its battery (command your phone and computer and read Braille on the desktop or on the go) in its retail box with accessories. Also a new electric Perkins Brailler blue in retail box with everything. We are at liberty to sell for far less than the retail price, so just send your best offer and questions via email to Jay at Thank you

bi 14 braille display new 650 dollars in box

I have available a Bi 14 braille display. Purchased from Humanware in march of this year. I thought I just needed an input device for my Iphone but have since gotten a braille note touch plus. The device is back in its box with the charging cable. This will work for someone who can handle the small footprint and who just needs a basic input and quick reading device.

Hi looking for the el-Braille note taker.

Hi I’m willing to pay 100 a month. Please contact me. This will be great for school, and my current situation. Please text 6785767717.

Hi there looking for the el-Braille note taker

Hi willing to pay 50 dollars a month. I really need this for school. I’m deaf-blind, and am losing more hearing. Please contact me so we can make arrangements, thanks. I made up my mind that this is what I truly need for school. Thanks. Phone number 7706563648.

Hi there I’m looking at purchasing the brailliant 32 Braille display. I’m Willing to do

Hi there I’m willing to do a payment of 50 dollars a month. I use PayPal, or sell thanks. Please text 7706563648, thanks.

Hi looking for a Braille note touch, or the plus.

Hi I’m willing to pay 100 dollars a month. Please let me know by text.

Hi looking for an actilino from handy tech. I’m willing to do a payment plan.

Hi I want an actilino so I can read books etc. I’m going back to school, and it would be very helpful to me. I’m losing my hearing, and I would really benefit from this note taker. Please text all offers to 7706563648, thank u.

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