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Lightly Used BrailleNote BT, 18 Cell Display; $1700.00

I’m selling a lightly used BrailleNote BT; 18 cell display. I bought it in 2016 thinking I would use it for various task for home and work, but I have not used it as much as I thought I would. I’ve used it only a handful of times, so I have decided to sell it. It has never given me any issues, and has worked wwell for me when I have used it. I’m selling as is. I’m asking $1700.00 This includes shipping and handling within the United States. Any additional shipping charges or customs fees for Canada will be covered by you. I only will except payment in full via Paypal or money order. Please feel free to contact me with any questions. Kayla

In Desperate Need of a braille notetaker/display. Looking for payment plans

Hi there. I am a current Masters student studying to be a TVI. I ame generally super successful in school when I have the use of a notetaker or braille display. My current Braillenote Touch is in need of repair but I don’t have the money or the time to repair it at the moment. I am looking for an affordable braille notetaker. I can’t pay all at once but I can pay around 250 a month. If someone contacts me before October 1st, I can pay a down payment of $50 and start paying the $250 in October once the unit is shipped. I’m preferrably looking for any Humanware or hims devices. Examples of what I’m looking for are: BrailleNot touch/touch plus Braillenote Apex BrailleNote Mpower/PK Braillesense Polaris Braillesense U2/plus Braillant Bi 14/40/80 Hims Braille edge 40

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