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Braille note touch $3000 or best offer

Barely used braillenote touch for $3000 all the great features of the note taker for less than you would pay for it normally

Hi final lowered price on packmate to 400 dollars.

Hi, lowering the pack meet price to $400. It's in very good condition. Works great. Also selling iPod 5 to 75 dollars. My name is Courtney. Thanks.

Hi lowering price of packmate to 1000 dollars.

Hi for your consideration a packmate QT 40 sells all in working condition. I really hope someone will purchase, comes with executive case and charger. I also have an ipod 5 32 gigabytes pink with gray case no charger for 120 dollars. I'm hoping to sell both items. Also packmate has 2 wireless cards for internet conictivity. Please contact me by email thanks.

Braille Sense U2 for sale, $3000 or best offer.

Hello, I have, for your consideration, my Braille Sense U2. I got it last April, so it is relatively new. The only thing that's at all wrong with it, is that the right speaker does not seem to function, unless the unit is quite loud. This started happening about 7 months after acquiring the unit. The speaker not functioning is not a huge deal-breaker for me because I use the unit mainly with speech off. If the speaker were really a deal-breaker for you, however, I'd be willing to get it fixed, I'd like to purchase the Braille Sense Polaris. That is why I am listing this for sale. Otherwise, I love my U2. This comes with all included accessories which shipped with the unit. The power cord, battery, dust cover, case, manuals and USB cable. I even have the original box, so will be shipping the unit in it. I’m asking $3000 or best offer. Thank you and have a great day, Natalia Voegele

Nano PDA Lite, for $200.

Hello, I have, for your consideration, a device called the Nano PDA-Lite. It’s an electronic organizer which I used for a couple of years. I find I no longer need it. However, it still would work very well for me, if I were to need it. As with all things I sell, it’s in very good condition and comes from a smoke-free home. It’s manufactured by a company called Caretec in Austria. The Nano has Braille keys for text input or you may enter things via recording them. Here’s the manufacturer’s description of the product. The Nano PDA-Lite is a braille notetaker and personal digital assistant designed for use by individuals who are blind or have low vision. The unit has a Braille keyboard and cursor keys with voice output, and takes up to 90 minutes of recorded notes and up to 1,000 written notes. Text notes are entered by using the Braille keyboard or the cursor keys; audio notes are entered through the recording function. Data can be transferred by serial interface or with a USB adapter (both adapters are included). The unit also includes an address book with up to 1,000 entries, a calendar with up to 120 appointments, a calculator, a timer, and a stopwatch. The user can schedule reminders with an acoustic alarm. The unit has 10 volume levels and comes with an earbud. Included games include Piano, dice, black jack, lotto, roulette, bingo, and chess. Reviewed information is read in characters only, not in complete words. The unit has a reset button to reboot. It can be carried around the neck on a lanyard (not included) or attached to a belt using the included leather pouch and belt loop. POWER: Uses rechargeable lithium-polymer battery. DIMENSIONS (HxLxW): 0.70 x 6.79 x 2.11 inches. WEIGHT: 135 grams. I’m asking $200 for this organizer, plus shipping. The unit was originally priced at $700. I can throw in some earbuds, if you’d like, though I don’t know that I have the original ones which came with the device. I have the original charging cable, and user manual. I have looked through all my things can cannot find the USB transfer kit, to transfer content to your computer. It was still in its original packaging. I never used it. Though, if you’re relatively techy, you may be able to find a cord which will work for transferring content. I will do some more digging, and may be able to locate the original cord. If I were to locate it and the unit were purchased from me, I would send it to you, at no additional cost. The user manual originally came on CD. I do not know that I own the original CD anymore. However, I do have the manual, which I digitally ripped to my computer, after receiving the Nano. I’d be more than happy to put it onto a CD for you, a thumb drive, or send it via DropBox. The manual is orally read, and was recorded by the same British man who did the voice for the Nano. This product was originally sold on Maxi Aids, though I don’t know that it is, anymore. Thank you very much for looking and have a great day, Natalia Voegele

Hi still selling packmate 2000 dollars.

Hi I still have packmate with executive case, and 40 cell display. It comes with 2 wireless cards. Or has programs for days-edit, fs-calc,and dupe explorer. I'm seriously hope someone will by this note taker as it needs a new home. I also have an iPod 5 for sell for 120 dollars, and an android tablet 25 dollars. I have one more item humanware victor reader wave for 50 dollars, and an iPad 3 excellent condition for 150 dollars. It has cellular option. Everything includes shipping.

Two Notetakers for Sale!

Hello everyone, I have two working notetakers at this time for sale. The first one is a Humanware Braillenote apex with 32 cells for 625 dollars or best offer. This is a used product and is in good working condition. With the exception of three fading cells, the keys, braille display, and software are in excellent shape. Use this notetaker as a display for your phone, take notes, listen to music, keep track of contacts, and more. Should you purchase this product, you will receive an extra battery, the Braillenote Apex, and the AC adapter. The second notetaker I have is a braille plus 18 from American printing house for the blind. This is an 18 cell unit running on Android Gingerbread. Listen to music, email, access the web, keep track of contacts, and take notes with this sleek and powerful product. You can also text and make phone calls with this device using the sim card slot. The keys are very comfortable and the braille display is perfect. There is a record and OCR button on the right side of the product. These keys do not work, being that it looks like American Printing House for the blind forgot to put these apps on this particular unit. Because of this, I am selling this product for 250 dollars or best offer. Comes with braille plus 18, the connector for the TV so one can see the activity on the device, and ear buds. Standard android charger not included. Purchase both notetakers, and I will sell you both products for 800 dollars. Prices include shipping to the U.s only. Thanks for looking.

Hi selling packmate with 40 cell display 2000 dollars

Hi I have a packmate that I'm selling for 2000 dollars, it has pocket word, pocket excel, scientific calculator, FS edit witch is a word processor, and pocket PowerPoint. Please someone purchase this. It comes with an executive case, and charger. This note taker is made by Freedomscientific, and needs a new home as I am not using it. The Braille display can be by itself, or with the packmate. I'm selling this for 2000 dollars for this reason. It's a QT version. Basically to some it up this note taker is basically a Braille computer, and also includes 2 wireless cards. Again I enthesize that someone give this note taker a brand new home thanks.

Braille Sense U2 Qwerty 32 for $3995.00

Like new (only gently used) Braille Sense U2 Qwerty 32 cell for $3995 (nearly $1500 less than purchased new). The device comes with two carrying cases and instructions in original box. Only gently used (so like new). Contact me at.

Braille Sense U2 QWERTY, Excellent Condition, $1,550, Including Shipping!

All dots, keys, and buttons on this machine are in excellent condition! The unit comes with a very nice carrying case, along with the AC adapter. Asking $1,550, including shipping. I accept PayPal. I'm not interested in entering monthly payment plan arrangements. Please E-mail me with any questions.

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