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2 Freedom Scientific Braille Blazers for sale, $400/each

We have 2 Freedom Scientific Braille Blazers for sale. They have the following features: O Serial or parallel connections to a PC. ( A USB to Serial cable may be used with these embossers on machines which don't have serial or parallel ports.) O carrying case (built-in) O Standard computer power cord O Embosses on 8 and 1/2 X 11 inch fan fold tractor feed paper O Embosses standard braille, in portrait or landscape mode. O Embosses graphics O Is supported by most braille translation software, including Duxbury Systems O Configuration is accomplished through voice guided instructions O May be used as a speech synthesizer as well as a braille embosser O The user manual is available at: Asking $400 Contact the seller as follows: Sheryl Pickering at: (830)743-7655

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