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Classifieds: Feel N See IOS 10 when it's released, exclusive discount inside

As an official reseller of the Ihabilitation CA FeelNSee screenshot books I'm proud to announce that you will be able to feel all aspects of the IOS 10 operating system as soon as it's released.
I'd like to get you your copy of these books so you can orientate your self using visual mind mapping so that you're no longer hindered by flicking through all of the everyday applications you're using. Be more efficient, substantially faster, and a lot more accurate when you're able to Feel and See where all all elements of the following applications are found under IOS device.
Note, at the bottom of this list of applications will be information about the special I'm holding for people who ordered before Friday, September 9.
Feel n See Screenshots for iOS10
Controls – iPhone 6
Controls – iPad
Lock Screen
Home Screen
Keypad – iPhone
Clock – Alarm
Clock – Alarm – Add Alarm
Reminders – iPhone
Reminders – iPad
Calendar – Add Event
Calendar – Add Event Start/End Popup
Notes – iPhone
Notes – iPad
Messages – Compose View
Mail – Mailbox View
Mail – Reading Page – iPhone
Mail – Reading Page – iPad
Mail – Compose New Message
App Store
iTunes Store
Camera – iPhone
Camera – iPad
App Switcher
Control Center - iPhone
Control Center - iPad
Notification Center
FeelnSee Screenshots for iOS10, available in braille, large text, and dual mode versions.
Inclusively designed with 33 Feel nSee Screenshots.
Each page combines Braille Plus large print minimum 20 pt.
Covers commonly-used native apps and features. 72 pages in Cerlox binding with clear cover. Includes separate reference key for ease of use. $30.00 “
The Dual Mode version with Braille and Print, is normally $30 shipped to your home. Order before September 9th, and get an instant $5 discount. $25 shipped to your home.
For the Large Print only or Braille version only, normally it’s $20 shipped to your home. Order before september 9th, and save $2.5. $18.50 shipped to your home.
for this special or call:
Michael Babcock

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email is Phone: 541-379-0891 Skype: yourownpay

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