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We list all posted deals, including those that have expired since some of them may still be available.

Last Day: Louis Braille Bicentennial Uncirculated Silver Dollar for $33.95 (expired)

Today is the last day to purchase the Louis Braille Bicentennial Silver Dollar. You may buy it directly from the US Mint for $33.95. Standard shipping costs $4.95, however you must select expedited to guarantee a Christmas delivery. The Louis Braille Commemorative Silver Dollar is the first United States coin to feature tactile, readable braille. All sales must be made before 5:00 PM eastern time.

Next Version of KNFB Reader Mobile will Recognize Color

According to a video news report posted to CNN, the next version of the KNFB Reader Mobile software will include color recognition capabilities. The reader is heard saying "recognizing color" and identifying the color blue in the video. Watch the full report which is linked to this post.

Blastbay Studios offers Q9 for $24.95 (expired)

Blastbay Studios is currently offering the Q9 Adventure game for $24.95,. The side-scrolling game offers 12 levels, original music, bonus rounds, four difficulty levels and more. Deal ends January 1.

Unlocked Nokia N82 with Talks Premium at $250 on EBay (expired)

An EBay seller and Blind Bargains reader has posted an unlocked Nokia N82, with a fully licensed copy of Talks Premium 4.00.3 with a starting bid of $250. With $10 for shipping, it's less than the price of Talks alone. It can be upgraded to the latest version of Talks for free.
This phone is also compatible with the KNFB Reader Mobile software. Auciton ends December 4.

Nuance Talks&Zooms 4.11 Released

Nuance has just released vrersion 4.11.3 of their Talks and Zooms software package for mobile phones. This version adds support for several new handsets, improves the web browser for the Nokia e52 and N86 and more. Version 4.11 is a free upgrade for all premium licenses generated after November 13, 2007.

Freedom Scientific Sues Enhanced Vision for Trademark Infringement, We've Got the Full Complaint

Freedom Scientific has filed another lawsuit, this time against Enhanced Vision, makers of magnifying products. In summary, Freedom Scientific aledges that Enhanced Vision has wrongfully used their name to profit from their business, for instance, by buying the Freedom Scientific keywords on advertising platforms and linking to the Enhanced Vision website. Enhanced Vision has also used Freedom Scientific in their metatags, which are often used by search engines.
We've obtained the full text of the complaint, which was converted into a text format. Some minor errors may exist, as we did not proofread the OCR output. Below is the full complaint.

JAWS for Windows 11 Professional at $499 on EBay, Buy It Now for $595 (expired)

An EBay seller and Blind Bargains reader has posted a copy of JAWS for Windows Professional with a starting bid of $499. Or, Buy It Now for $595. Add about $6 for shipping. Either way, that's about half the cost of this software new. From the description, it sounds like the transfer fee is also included in this price. This is the latest version of Freedom Scientific's screen reading software. Auction ends December 1, if not sold sooner. Update: This item has sold.

An update on MobileSpeak 4

In this podcast, featured on the CandleShore Blog, CodeFactory offers a closer look at MobileSpeak 4 in action. Along with cross platform capability, this software upgrade will allow for true portability and migration by allowing users to license their software to an existing telephone number. Please navigate to the link above to learn more!

PLEXTALK® Pocket Now Compatible with System Access Mobile Content

Shinano Kenshi Corporation and Serotek have announced a partnership which will allow content from the System Access Mobile network to be played on the Plextalk Pocket digital book player. This functionality is similar to that offered by the Humanware Victor Stream.

Mike Calvo Posts Interesting Thoughts on Intel Reader Developments

Here's an editorial piece from Serotek founder Mike Calvo on the Intel Reader, questioning the motives of Intel, Humanware, and others. There's many interesting and valid points here, and it's definitely worth a read. Via Serotek Blog

Exclusive: New Impressions about the intel Reader Emerge

We have received an annonymous report describing the Intel Reader in detail, and their impressions with The unit. The Intel Reader is being marketed as a stand-alone reading device, able to turn a page of text in to speech. Read on for details.

Braille Math Blocks by Uncle Goose for $22.00

Star Bright Kids Company via has the Braille Math Blocks by Uncle Goose for $22.00. Shipping adds about $5, or bump your order over $25 for free shipping. This set of 16 blocks includes embossed braille numbers and Nemeth math symbols and is made right here in Michigan.

Mabis Talking Wrist Blood Pressure Monitor for $39.88 Shipped has the Mabis Talking Wrist Blood Pressure Monitor for $39.88. With free shipping, we couldn't find it for less elsewhere. It stores up to 120 readings for two people, is bilingual, and offers comparisons to standards set by the World Health Organization.

Talking Atomic Clock for $10.49 (expired)

According to a reader, Amerimark offers a talking atomic clock for $10.49. With about $7 for shipping, we couldn't find a talking atomic clock for less elsewhere. It works in the major U.S. time zones and adjusts for Daylight Savings Time. It requires two C batteries (not included). Update: It looks like it sold out.

Zoomtext Magnifier 8.1 10-user License at $44.98 on EBay (expired)

An EBay seller has listed a 10-user license for Zoomtext Magnifier 8.1 with a current bid of $44.98. Shipping adds about $10. If everything checks out, this is a gigantic savings over purchasing this directly from AI Squared. This is one version removed from the current Zoomtext 9 series, so upgrade and possibly transfer fees may apply. Auction ends November 8.

Pac Mate qx 400 at $325 on EBay (expired)

An EBay seller and Blind Bargains reader has listed a Pac mate QX400 notetaker with a starting bid of $325. By comparison, a new Pac Mate Omni retails at over $2,300. This QWERTY keyboard unit is one generation removed from the Omni, but can be easily upgraded through Freedom Scientific's trade-in program. Auction ends November 7.

Another Maestro with Trekker gps system at $400 on EBay (expired)

There's another Trekker GPS system on EBay with a starting bid of $400 plus shipping. This one is running version 3.0 and also includes other PDA functions. These sell for nearly $2,000 new. Auction ends today.

Alva 80-cell Braille Display at $750 on EBay (expired)

An EBay seller and Blind Bargains reader has posted an Alva ABT Series 3 80-cell braille display with a starting bid of $750. With about $14, that's several thousand dollars off the price of a new unit. It's advertised as working and comes with connection cables. Here's some info from Synapse Adaptive describing the display in more detail. Auction ends November 7.

ClassCo VoiceAnnounce Talking Caller ID with Call Waiting for $33.95 Shipped

Dollarright via has the ClassCo VoiceAnnounce Talking Caller ID Model# 9900CW) for $33.95. With free shipping, we couldn't find it for less elsewhere. This unit allows you to record names for up to 50 numbers, works with most call waiting services, and offers a custom outgoing message feature.

Victor Reader Stream at $200 on EBay (expired)

An EBay seller and Blind Bargains reader has posted a Victor Reader Stream portable media player with a starting bid of $200. With $10 for shipping, that's nearly $140 off the cost of a new unit. Plus, an 8GB memory card is included. Auction ends October 31.

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