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We list all posted deals, including those that have expired since some of them may still be available.

Western Digital 6GB USB Pocket Hard Drive for $29.95 Shipped (expired) has the Western Digital 6GB USB Pocket Hard Drive for $29.95. With free shipping, it's one of the best prices we've seen for a drive of this size. It offers transfer rates of up to 480MBPS on a USB 2.0 connection and comes with a one year warranty. Deal ends April 29.

VictorReader Vibe for $24.95 on Ebay (expired)

An Ebay seller has posted a Humanware VictorReader Vibe with a current bid of $24.99. Add $5 for shipping. This unit will play DAISY-formatted books on CD as well as regular music discs. New players run around $200. Auction ends May 1.

The Lack of Bargains (expired)

We would like to apologize for the lack of posts over the past week. In a word, exams. We hope to return to a more regular schedule later in the week. If you have any deals to submit, please send them in and we'll consider posting them.

10 Braille n Speak 640's for $50.25 on Ebay (expired)

This is one of the stranger auctions we've seen. The state of Washington's surplus department has listed a lot of Braille n Speak units on Ebay. Current bid is $50.25 and you may need to make special shipping arrangements. These are being sold as is, but with 10 units, you should be able to come away with a few working units. Cables and perhaps some accessories are included. Auction ends April 16.

Braille Blazer for $9.99 on Ebay (expired)

An Ebay seller has listed a Braille Blazer single-sided embosser with a starting bid of $9.99. The unit powers on and speaks, though the top cover is missing, so it is sold as is. Still, at this price, it may be worth taking a chance on it. Auction ends April 19.

Cavalry 500GB External Hard Drive for $119.99 after Rebate (expired) has the Cavalry 500GB USB 2.0 External Hard Drive for $119.99 after a $32 mail-in rebate. With about $7 for shipping, it's the cheapest price we could find for this drive, though it was a bit less last month. Rebate ends April 21.

Wireless Music to your Home Entertainment System for $34.95 Shipped has the SMC EZ Stream 802.11g Wireless Audio Adapter for $34.95 with free shipping. This device hooks up to your home entertainment system and plays music over 802.11G or 802.11B networks from another computer or an Internet radio station. Music is selectable via a remote and software for managing the unit is included. This is one of those products that may or may not be completely accessible, so it may be worth researching before you buy this. If anyone has used this item, please let us know how it worked for you.

Yamaha 61-key Portable Keyboard for $49.99 Shipped

Once again, has the refurbished Yamaha RYPT-200 61-key Keyboard for $49.99 with free shipping. That's over half off retail. This keyboard has 134 instrument sounds, 100 built-in styles, 102 built-in songs, and touch-sensitive keys. A great keyboard for a beginner. Also add accessories from this page including a power supply, keyboard stand, and bench.

Three I.D. Mate II Units with Warranty for $450 on Ebay (expired)

Envision America has listed three I.D. Mate II portable bar code scanners on Ebay with a starting bid of $450. These units are factory-refurbished and come with a 90-day warranty. By comparison, new I.D. Mate Omni units sell for over $1,000. You could take the I.D. Mate with you to the store to scan items or use it to identify cans, boxes, or clothing. Auctions end April 13.

200 CDR Media plus 2 Sharpie Markers for $29.95 Shipped has two 100 packs of Imation CDR media plus 2 Sharpie Mini Permanent Markers for $29.95. With free shipping, we couldn't find a similar deal for less. That's less than 15 cents for CD, not counting the free markers.

Free DVD Rental from Redbox

RedBox offers a free DVD rental from the link on its site. They offer DVD rentals of primarily new releases for a buck a day from many locations inside grocery stores, drugstores, and McDonalds restaurants. Note that the form for finding a location may look confusing, but once you turn on forms mode in Jaws, turn off browse mode in Window-Eyes, etc. it makes more sense. There's two forms that cross over each other which creates some confusion.

Olympus DS-30 Digital Voice Recorder for $106.85 has the Olympus DS-30 Digital Voice Recorder for $106.85. With about $10 for shipping, that's slightly off our last mention and the lowest price we've seen for this model. This is the 256MB version of the new line of accessible Olympus voice recorders.

Braille Cookbooks on Sale (expired)

Blind Mice Mart takes 20 percent off its selection of braille cookbooks. Plus, shipping is free via free matter. For lazy people like the owners of this website, how about the 2 Ingredient Cookbook for $18.24. Dozens of titles are available. Deal ends April 22.

Samsung 18X DVD Burner with LightScribe for $31.99 has the Samsung 18X Internal SATA DVD Burner with LightScribe technology for $31.99. Add about $5 for shipping. LightScribe allows you to write text directly on to the CD using specially encoded media.

Like-New Olympus DS-50 Digital Voice Recorder for $199.95 on Ebay (expired)

This didn't take very long. An Ebay seller has listed a like-new Olympus DS-50 Digital Voice Recorder with a starting bid of $199.95, plus $15 for shipping. New units cost around $250. This is the largest of the new DS-line audio recorders, holding 1GB of audio content. Auction ends April 10.

Belkin Wi-fi Phone for Skype now Supports Boingo (expired)

We've mentioned the Belkin Wi-fi Phone for Skype before, but it's worth noting that it now claims support for Boingo hot spots. These are paid hot spots found in many airports, hotels, and other businesses, and having access to these hot spots removes one of the major limitations of this phone,. It has preinstalled Skype software and works wherever you can find a wireless connection, including on most secure networks. As with other wireless Skype phones, we are unsure as to the accessibility of all features, but we suspect that you can make basic calls without assistance.

BrailleNote MPower 18 with latest Software, Warranty for $2,000 on Ebay (expired)

An Ebay seller has listed a BrailleNote MPower 18 with a starting bid of $2,000. That's less than half the cost of a new unit. The PDA is running the latest Keysoft 7.2 and is under warranty through most of 2008. It also comes with two free software upgrades and all standard accessories. Auction ends April 11.

Pac-Mate BX420 at $455 on Ebay (expired)

An Ebay seller has listed a Pac-Mate BX420 PDA with a current bid of $455. The unit is listed as fully-functioning, with the exception of a damaged compact flash that Freedom Scientific will repair for a reduced rate, according to the seller. Software version 25, is included, and new units sell for over $3,500. Note: The auction is listed as a BX400, but the 20-cell braille display is included, making it a BX420. Auction ends April 8.

Update: VoiceNote QT on Ebay for $500 ending Today (expired)

The Ebay listing for the VoiceNote QT in like-new condition is currently only at $500. This VoiceNote is running Keysoft 6.11 and comes with carrying case and AC adapter. It is upgradable to the latest Keysoft 7.2. Auction ends tonight.

Lots of Ties for a Buck

You've always wanted a novelty tie. Well perhaps not, but at just $1, you might be convinced to buy one, or 10. Wild Ties, an store, has a wide selection of silk ties for a buck, plus about $5 for shipping. Considering the time of year, I'm considering the one with colorful Easter eggs, but there may be better alternatives.

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