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We list all posted deals, including those that have expired since some of them may still be available.

Linksys Phone Adapter for Vonage for $93 Profit (expired) has a Linksys 2-port phone adapter for $52. Pay via Google Checkout to drop the price to $32. Then, sign up for new Vonage phone service and use a $125 mail-in rebate to gain $93 profit. Vonage is a broadband phone company that charges $24.95/month for unlimited calling. Rebate ends December 31.

Skype Unlimited Outbound calling for $14.95 (expired)

Skype has introduced a new unlimited calling plan for calls from the U.S. to locations in the U.S. and Canada. Through January 31, get unlimited calling for $14.95 a year. You read that right, per year, not per month. After January 31, the price goes up to $29.95, still a great deal. Combine this with a Skype In number and have a total phone solution for less than $45 a year. Of note, Skype 3.0 was also released today. Skype allows you to make free calls to millions of other users of its software and low-cost calls to regular phones around the world.

Try out Blind Search to find Blindness-related Information

We're launching a new service to help you find information on blindness. Blind Search searches dozens of popular blindness-related websites for the information you want. Tired of searching on Google and getting meaningless results about window blinds or other nonsensical things? Try Blind Search and you'll get more relevant information. Blind Search is powered by Google CoOp, a new custom search engine tool. Let us know what you think.

3,000 Nonfiction Books on CD for $29 Shipped (expired)

B&R Samizdat Express has discounted its collection of public domain nonfiction books on CD to $29. With free shipping, that's $20 off the normal price for this item. The nonfiction collection comes on 3 CD's and has been expanded to include over 3,000 books with an emphasis on history. Deal ends December 24.

Nokia 6682 Symbian Phone for One Cent with Cingular has the Nokia 6682 Symbian cell phone for one cent with new service activation from Cingular. Upgrade to two day shipping for free. This phone works with Mobile Speak and TALKS software and features MMC slot, stereo MP3 playback, and digital camera.

Matilda Ziegler Magazine now Online

The website for the Matilda Ziegler magazine has been redesigned and now offers free downloads of the latest issues. Files are available in braille or text format. The Matilda Ziegler Magazine for the Blind offers general interest articles from newspapers and magazines as well as a readers' forum, special notices, and pen pals.

LG VX5300 Cell Phone for Verizon for $74.99 Profit has the LG VX5300 cell phone for one cent with new service from Verizon. After $75 of rebates, receive $74.99 profit. We couldn't find a better
deal for this particular phone elsewhere. Note: Upgrade to two-day shipping for free.
The LG Vx5300 is a flip phone featuring Voice-Command, which allows a blind user
to perform basic functions like navigating phone menus, hearing who is calling, and
using the contact list.

Icon Early Bird Edition for $1,395

LevelStar is offering the Early Bird Edition of their ICON accessible PDA for $1,395. Included in this package is an additional year of hardware and software updates (two years total), a 1GB Mini SD card, and a discount off their forthcoming docking station. Note: This version does not include a web browser, but it will be a part of a free update. The Icon is a Linux-based PDA featuring a 30GB hard drive, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, and many preloaded accessible applications.

The Chamber, Bridges Over Madison County in Braille for $10, More (expired)

APH has listed several discontinued and overstock products in their Flea Market. A best bet: The Chamber or Bridges Over Madison County in Braille for $10. Other books, daily living items, and games are also listed. Quantities are limited. Sale ends December 31

Blind Bargains Mentioned on Sound Prints

Blind Bargains was mentioned on this week's edition of Sound Prints, heard in Louisville on 1080 WKJK and on ACB Radio Mainstream. Thanks to Carla Ruschival and Michael McCarty for helping to spread the word.

Carrying Case for Braille Lite 40 for $45

For a reader, Bargain Bob has found a Braille Lite 40 carrying case at Universal Low Vision Aids for $45. With about $9 for shipping, it's the lowest price we could find for this case, that is no longer listed on the Freedom Scientific website.

RFB&D Membership, Victor Wave for $100 for New Members (expired)

Recording for the Blind & Dyslexic offers a free Victor Wave DAISY CD player when signing up as a new member for $100 and placing your first DAISY book order. Use promotional code DM101 on the registration form. Add $6.50 for shipping. This is a $100 savings over buying the player alone. Recording for the Blind & Dislexic offers over 30,000 DAISY books for students and reading enthusiasts. Deal ends January 15.

OQO 1ghz Ultra-Portable Laptop for $1,199

The Oqo 01+ Ultra Personal Computer with 1ghz processor, 512MB RAM, 30GB hard drive, Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, and Windows XP Home fell to $1,199 at This is the same hardware as the Small-Talk Ultra from GW Micro, though some acccessories like the external burner and keyboard are not included when buying from Oqo direct. Add $49 for shipping. Of note, switch to Windows XP Pro for an additional $100. This is a good bet for people who already have a screen reader but still want the portability of the Oqo.

Sandisk 802.11B Wireless Compact Flash Card for $29.99

Inside Computer has the Sandisk 802.11B Wireless Compact Flash card for $29.99. With about $9 for shipping, it's the lowest price we could find for this particular card. This wireless card is supported by the Braille Note family of PDAs.

Blind Rifle Association T-Shirt and Hat for $25

Blind Mice Mart has the Blind Rifle Association t-shirt and hat combo for $25. This is a $5 savings compared with buying them separately. Add about $7 for shipping. The t-Shirts feature raised lettering and are available in medium through XXL. Update: Blind Mice Members save an additional 5%, knocking the combo to $23.75.

Talking Tire Gauges Added to Auction Gateway

We've added a page to the Auction Gateway with several talking tire gauges on Ebay. Most are under $10 including shipping, compared to $29.95 at one blindness retailer, for example.

Power Braille 65 on Ebay starting at 99 Cents (expired)

A seller has posted a Power Braille 65 on Ebay with a starting bid of 99 cents. The unit is sold as is, but the seller says it does power on and shows braille. Power adapter is not included, but is available. A 30-day return policy is listed on the auction page. As with all Ebay listings, buyers should research thoroughly before committing to bid. Auction ends on December 11. Update: There is a reserve price on the auction, meaning that if it sells below a certain amount, the seller is not obligated to go forward with the transaction.

Creative Cooking Classics on CD for $23

Blind Mice Mart has the Creative Cooking Classics Cookbook on CD-ROM for $23 with free shipping. The cookbook, designed especially for the blind, includes over 1,100 recipes in MS-Word format in a large 14-point type. A large cooking hints and tricks section is also included.

Dymo Braille Labeler for $19.95

Future Aids has a Dymo Braille Labeler for $19.95. With free shipping, it's the lowest price we've seen for this item. This device will write braille letters and some grade two contractions on standard-sized labeling tape, available at most office supply stores.

Save on Candles at Blind Mice Mart (expired)

Blind Mice Mart takes an additional 10% off on items in their candle department for Blind Mice members. Items include candles, holders, and candle lamps. Becoming a Blind Mice member is free. Deal ends December 11.

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